Friday, September 9, 2011

Lessons from Literature

We are reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury in my junior English class.  It is funny some of the reactions the students are having.  One student told the class the other day, you're in the just don't know that you are in the book.  It's very odd the amount of insight Bradbury had as far as technology and how our culture would be in the "future;"  one part of the text caught my attention today in read:

"It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something like you after you take your hands away. The difference between the man who just cuts lawns and a real gardener is in the touching...."

Any relationship, any job you have, any aspect of your life...comes down to this....did you leave a mark...did people notice you were there...was your fingerprint left - reflections of Christ...that's what it all comes down to.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First day of school

Here is the annual pic of the first day of school.  The boys say do we really have to do took one last year...I know, but smile anyway.  Just thinking about what this photo will look like when B is a senior makes me teary :/ To say that we have had a lifestyle change would be an understatement.  For those who may not know, David and I are no longer coaching.  We have bought half of an insurance agency and he got liscensed this summer and is now an insurance agent in Daingerfield.  I am still teaching, but not at Diana. This year at Diana would have meant coaching 4 sports and teaching 6 classes.  The kids said a few things last year that really got to me and David and we re-evaluated what kind of legacy we were leaving our own kiddos.  The things they learn that are important now will carry over into their families and their children.  We were blessed with 3 precious babies and we did not for one minute have them think that other kids were more important than them.  We wanted them to know our laughs, to have the skills to play sports or the love of sports that we have because WE taught it to them.  So that meant me teaching only and them moving schools.  This first day photo is important.  It was before we had new friends, before we came home and said we hated it bc no one talked to us all day and it was before we had new friends calling us.  As a mom, you worry and you hope that the first day will be amazing that all the kids will see how awesome your kid is and want to be their friend. It didn't quite work out that way....HOWEVER - it is better now.  K hit it off immediately...everyone is my friend, etc.  R was hesitant at first but now she says first day was great...B had a tough time.  It must be an oldest thing (I remember my oldest sister being mad for YEARS bc we moved when she was going into the 10th grade).  This is not a habit we hope to continue.  We like Chapel Hill.  It has the atmosphere of a Christian school but its not.  God is present.  The energy is positive and caring. They offer advanced courses in the 7th grade and expect soo much out of the kids and the teachers. My kids will be challenged as will I as a professional.  Which is all good.  Will I miss not being called coach...sure....will  I miss seeing those familiar boys and girls faces from Diana...sure.... but I know deep in my heart this is the best thing for a family.  Leaving a legacy of your kids are EVERYTHING! Raising them is EVERYTHING.  Being home to do homework and not in a gym or on a bus and cooking dinner instead of eating concession stand food and listening to them read and not someone else is EVERYTHING!  The time we have with them is pricelss, once its gone we can't get it back.
Please don't get me wrong, I would not change the fact that we've coached for anything.  We have made some lifelong friends with our athletes.  We love them like they were our own kids. But at this stage in our life, this is what matters....more than the game of basektball.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 was much better - we made friends, people talked to us, etc, etc.  My boys are shocked that the kids here don't know who Michael Jordan is....the are HUGE fans....Rielyn doesn't think all the boys are stupid anymore so its progress.  My day is still long and I am completely pooped when i get home...Fell asleep yesterday filling out paperwork for the kiddos with my head on the table.  David is working late getting ready for renewal season....I can handle 2-3 months of late nights as opposed to 9 months of a fair trade off I guess.    SO READY FOR COOLER WEATHER!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Photos will come later....promise...just haven't had time to upload them.  They were so excited for school to start...for the most part. Keldyn said on Saturday....I love school! At that point I thought he had been abducted by aliens but he hadn't ... it was really him :)  We had an ok first loved it...the other said all the boys in her class were stupid and one was ready to pretend like he was dead today so that he wouldn't have to go.  Praying today was better for them.  My day was LONG....I have 5 classes before lunch and then 2 after, so my morning is jam packed and the afternoon goes by fast, so I guess that's good.  We were all pooped though.  David brought home pizza for dinner so that made the unhappy campers a bit more cheerful. Found a quote today that I liked....Success can be defined by 3 words... AND THEN SOME.  Really felt like this applies to multiple aspects of my life, as a Christian, as a mom, as a wife, as a teacher, etc.  Do you give the AND THEN SOME??  Sometimes its the bare minimum...gunna try to be an  AND THEN SOME kinda girl!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update #3

Movie Night - this is how she spent over 1/2 of the movie and the car ride home....guess we all need a good rest every once in a while.

Water gun war - playing around with a nurf water gun and this is what happens.  The kids were swimming/playing at the neighbors house and our neighbor and Bryson came running back to the house with this....NO FEAR though - we butterflied him right ER for us :)

Spider man bit the dust after this....He was a Christmas or birthday gift from Aunt Meredith several years ago, I am surprised he has lasted this long....they had a blast though while he did.....LOVE the expressions on their faces and their body language!

Is she sassy or what????  There are days when I think who's kid is this??? But then I am reminded....she's mine.  I know exactly where she gets it deep secret....I love fashion....that is probably my secret dream job.....I know I know....stop laughing already becasue you'd never know by the way I dress that I like fashion....but I that's where she gets it

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lead Me

LOVE the song "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real....the part especially has hit me close to home how that the kids deserve the best of my life.  There are parts of me that want to scream at some parents "ITS NOT ABOUT YOU RIGHT NOW!"  So, just a reminder to myself - more than to anyone that actually reads my blog :o) - Give your kids the best of your life while you have them - they won't live with you forever - hopefully - and you can NEVER get the time back! If you have been blessed to have children - take care of them - its the greatest gift God can give you! Listen to the song if you haven't ever heard it.  Have a great Friday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Update #2

This year David celebrated his birthday in Austin at the state track meet.  So, when he got home we had to celebrate it properly.  And when I say celebrate in Austin, that means he went to Cabella's.  We had strawberry cheesecake and the kids were super excited to sing to him!

This is some of Rielyns artwork.  The one in the middle looks like a potato to me, but apparently it is a toad...We have a cat, a dog, a frog and a potato...i mean toad.:)

Hawaiian day at school

First swim of the summer! It is a chore to get her to take good pictures.  I think she has learned from Keldyn how to be silly for the camera.  When he was 5 it was nearly impossible to get a good picture from him. 

This is a good one....what you don't know is that its one out of about 10 that I had to take...bc the child mentioned earlier would not cooperate!

Swimming with some cousins.  Two of Tiff's kiddos swam with us one day.  That have so much fun together.

Update #1

We were at a little league baseball game and it got chilly - she decided to where my jacket as a suit...mainly for the pants....she looked so silly running around like that but she totally did not care!  This girl cracks me up!

The boys had a good season, I think their team got 2nd or 3rd in the division.  What's wierd is that they already know that if you don't make all stars then that means you aren't that we had to deal with explaining that....they did not make all stars by the way :)

He's getting too big too fast

Sarah, Charlie, Tiffany and myslef ran in the Longview Alley Fest 5k.  I think we all had fun.  It seemed hotter this year than last.  I got 2nd in my age group....yes the old ladies division....but still had fun.  Running like this keeps me basketball leagues for old ladies so this will have to do!

The boys had a friend from church spend the night for 3 days - we all had a blast.  He fit right in with us, he's smart and funny and respectful....many more good times to come.  This was before they went to see Thor....the girls sat out of this one.

Instead, we did this....sat on the back porch with a strawberry smoothie...homemade....and just hung out. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I know! I know!

It seems as if I title many of my posts has been a long time.  I have tons of pictures to share and lots of stories.  HOWEVER, I just don't have time right now to upload everything and share with you about our adventures thus far.  We are super busy trying to get many home projects completed.  I will share my stories with you...soon....I promise. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Words that sting!

My oldest is very bold.  He has a way of saying pretty much what is on his mind.  Some examples:

"Mom, when we were little did your singing sound that bad?" 
"Mom, did boys like you in high school even though you looked like a boy?"

He holds nothing back...especially with me.  He is a little more reserved with his dad and I am glad that I have that kind of relationship with my son, however...he asked me something the other day that stung a little more than the previous two comments...

"Mom, do you like to laugh?  I don't know what your laugh sounds like."  That hit me hard.  I don't want my kids not knowing what my laugh sounds like.  As a child/teenager, I like to think of myself as mostly happy.  Quiet but happy.  If someone in our family was in a bad mood, I would act goofy or silly to try and make them happy. My goal this summer - for my son to know my laugh even when I am no where near. It won't be long before he is off at college, alone, away from his family for that long of a time for the first time.  He will need to know what his mama's laugh sounds like!

Thank you Pappy & Bear Grylls

Since we no longer have "real" television, we watch some shows as re-runs on of our favorites is man vs. wild.  This man is insane.  He gets dropped off in the wildest of wildernesses (I know that those are words but work with me here - creating a mood) and then least so far.  Well, there was an episode where he shredded a pine cone with his bare hands and then proceeded to eat the tiny little seed out of the middle.  We have pine trees people, in our yard, lots and lots of pine trees.  So as David and I were working in the garage one day last week, the kids come running in exclaiming "Can we eat this?"  They too had shredded a pine cone with their bare hands and found the tiny seed.  I said no.  however, dad said yes and so they ate.  No stomach problems and it has been a few days so I'd say we are clear!  Earlier in the week, we were at Lala & Pappy's (David's mom & dad's) eating dinner and he found some mint growing in his yard.  Of course we had to all try it (well the kids anyway).  No big deal right?  That is until we went to my parents this past weekend for my grandfathers 94th birthday when i notice Rielyn is outside chewing on something.  I go out and ask her what she has in her mouth.  She replies with "Mint" - totally not mint.  It was a fern - one of my moms planted ferns.  Not mint.  We quickly spit it out and followed it down with a large glass of milk.  Again no stomach problems - so we are clear.  All i can say is "Thanks, thanks a lot!"                                                      

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wrapping up

Well, the end of the school year is wrapping up....programs, awards assemblies and semester exams....Its almost like you wait all year for this moment and when it gets here it TAKES FOREVER!!!  This week has been so long....but filled with good things.  The boys had their last baseball game of the season last night...they lost, but they were soothed with the ever so delicious food of Don Juans :)  They had a good time, i hope, made some new friends and improved their baseball skills.  Rielyn gets to celebrate her birthday today at school since her's is in the summer....We got the roof finished and are starting on the carport....The mudroom/locker room is almost complete as well...Bryson got his results from the TAKS test...passed all three and commended on all three (that means you miss 2 or less)  He was pumped.  Keldyn has a meet the author tea today at school....all year long the 2nd graders have been composing poetry and today they are presenting it at a tea for the parents...he is in jeans a long sleeve yellow shirt and a pink tie....He went all out for it::) he's very excited.  I am ready for spending that time with my family and my kids...hope everyone is doing good....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

so...i prayed

Ok, for  the past two mornings, I have not slept well...woke up Wednesday morning at 4:30 and today at 3:45 AND CAN'T GO BACK TO however was different....i woke up with a casting crowns song in my head, not sure which one, and then feeling the need to pray for a girl i went to school with and her daughter...does God do that...wake you up to pray for someone?  i had the feeling that someone, somewhere was crying and that they needed to be comforted!  So...i prayed.  It's not that this girl and i are close or ever were close but for some reason her story and what is happening to her daughter is tearing my heart out...i think bc i have a 5 yr old daughter and i can't even imagine what she is going through.  so...i prayed.  as it turns out, i found out this morning that the little girl was flown to Little Rock last night bc of high fever and a rash ...did not know this this morning when i woke up...GOD DOES THAT!  HE WAKES YOU UP TO PRAY FOR PEOPLE!  I believe in the power of prayer and this little girl is going to pull through so that one day she can be used in a mighty way!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, I had an ear ache two weeks ago, sharp pain when I bent over...felt alot like swimmers ear. So I did the whole alcohol thing (putting in my ear, not drinking it) and in a few days the pain went away...HOWEVER, my hearing went away with it.  For the past two weeks, I have had muffled the point that my students ask "Why are you yelling at us?"  I had David check it (he is the doctor at our house since we dont EVER go to them) and he couldn't see any swelling or redness (and yes we actually do have one of those ear checky thingys....actually Marla does, but we have access to it).  Another week goes by, still no hearing.  I decided to make an appointment to much persistance from our school nurse and low and behold....Sinus infection, ear infection , fluid at the base of the ear drum and the passage way that goes from your ear drum to wherever else in your body is closed.  A shot, a nose spray and an antibiotic later....hopefully, I'm on the mends.  A coach friend reminded me that she was glad we caught it now and not like poor Keldyn who had a sinus infection for over a year and we never knew so we never did anything about it!  Ready for summer to be here!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Play Ball!

Pre-Game picture...posing

Bryson at bat

Bryson in the field

Keldyn in the field

Keldyn at bat

Rielyn playing 3rd base


ready to run on 2nd base

This spring, all three of our kiddos played baseball/t-ball.  This was a first for us...having all three involved in some type of activity.  We are firm believers that kids do too, too much these days.  For us, their lives should not be consumed of one practice after another....they need time to just be kids.  It doesn't last long and we want them to enjoy it as long as they can.  It's hard though, as a parent, to not get caught up in the who was on all-stars last year, etc, etc mentality.  And being as competitive as David and I both are, it is really hard (board games are on lockdown bc inevitably someone ends up on the couch!) (ok, i'm exaggerating a smidge)  Anyway, I'm not the bigges fan of baseball, it bores me actually, but I go and support my babies. AND IT BORES ME! BUT, I love watching my kids.  Rielyn spent most of the season putting dirt in her glove instead of the ball, but she could hit it and run pretty darn fast.  The boys struggled a bit at the beginning but are now getting pretty good and enjoying it.  I was taking pictures at their games the other day and I could not get Rielyn to stop posing for me....AS SHE WAS IN THE FIELD! (still not sure where she came from :)! )  I wanted to share the pics I did get though with you....Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom knows Best!

With much persistance by my mom, I am updating my blog :)  She informed me that she wants to know DAILY what we have been up to....Mom, I feel somedays like I have used up all my words, so daily may be tough, but I can do better.  So here goes:
my babies at Easter...they are getting too big too fast!

Popsicle time with some cousins:)

Mother's Day

first day on the lake of the year

the girls at the run....they are so excited...granted this is BEFORE they actually ran....the after pic was a little different :)

all the girls at the race

me and mine! according to Mark and Marla, she's a mini-me!

We have been super busy.  Track season is wrapping up and David has a long distance runner that has qualified in the mile AND the two mile.  SO, he will be spending his birthday Saturday in Austin, hopefully watching this young lady, who is a senior and are good friends of ours, win state!  The kids t-ball and baseball seasons are wrapping up as well.  Rielyn enjoys playing, but gets a little bored when she is in the field....likes to fill her glove with dirt!  The boys have done great. We sat out last year so they had some catching up to do and have improved a ton...they still love basketball the most (I can't imagine why!!!)  We celebrated mother's day with all of the schubert clan.  Keith and Meredith came in with their new baby Landry (who is totally cute) and Steph and Bryce came in with their new addition Casyn (He and I spent a lot of time together....sleeping!) and Tiff and her kiddos came in as well.  The girls participated in a mother's day dash.  Rielyn had been asking me to run a race and so we finally found time to do one together.  We are all relatively healthy (Rielyn had a spout of 5th's disease, but is on the mends) and doing well.  Lots of plans around the house for the summer (new pier, new boat house, pergolla down by the water, carport...Inside, new mud room, tile downstairs, new backsplash in kitchen, new countertop in laundry room, AND i'd like to paint the inside of my house and actually decorate it...NOT one of my strongsuits...decorating!!! we'll see how that goes)....We are ready for summer....ready for lazy days by the water, ready for sunsets on the back porch, ready for no papers to grade or lesson plans to prepare....ready for summer!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love Wins....

Lately, I have been very concerned about the teachings of a new "preacher" Rob Bell.  Oh, he seems to be a super nice and sweet man, however, I'm not sure he has actually READ the Bible.  He has two books out and his latest one is called Love Wins.  There is a video of him promoting this book if you'd like to see it.  I have not read it, but from what I have read and have seen (articles from CNN and the video) I get that the basic essence of what he is saying is that God isn't really going to send people to hell.  That even if you don't believe in him and aren't baptized but you are a "good" person, he's not really going to send to you a place where you burn forever.  That earth is our hell and that everyone will go to heaven.  SO, I am intrigued (about what this guy is really teaching), concerned (that many people will believe what he is saying), worried (that people want the "easy to swallow" sermons....see my sisters blog for that).  Then this morning, I was doing my Max Lucado devotional and this is what it read....

The Standard
We are made holy through the sacrifice Christ made in his body once and for all time. Hebrews 10:10

Only the holy will see God.  Holiness is a prerequisite to heaven.  Perfection is a requirement for eternity.  We wish it weren't so.  We act like it isn't so.  We act like those who are "decent" will see God.  We suggest that those who try hard will see God. We act as if we're good if we never do anything too bad. And that goodness is enough to qualify us for heaven.
Sounds right to us, but it doesn't sound right to God. And he sets the standard.  And the standard is high.  "You must be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect" (Matt 5:48)
You see, in God's plan, God is the standard for perfection.  We don't compare ourselves to others; they are just as fouled up as we are.  The goal is to be like him; anything less is inadequate.  (He Still Moves Stones)

When I read this, I wanted to say TAKE THAT ROB BELL!!!  It is very scary for our society that a man, a false teacher, is becoming so popular and being taught in our churches!!!  It makes me more determined than ever to teach my own children the WORD of God, that was breathed onto the pages.  To let them know that no, there is not a fast food, easy to swallow version of the Bible.  And to be cautious of those who claim to be teaching God's word and to have discernment and wisdom.... for them and for me!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - trip to Colorado

A gas station on Route 66...the history there is kind of interesting; we stayed in Tucumcari, NM - halfway to CO

loved this! there were actually 3 crosses but this is all we got

the Sobey's traveling to CO - our kids argued over who would get to ride with them...they have a 16 yr old son...HE LOVED when Rielyn rode with them LOL - said she talked too much :)

these rocks in NM were amazing...the colors were so distinct

a lake in NM - Aquauiu (SP?) was amazing, you are just driving along and then all of a sudden there this lake in the middle of the mountains - it was gorgeous

a day at the ski slopes - there were over 5000 people there

all smiles

my boys - after the first can tell we are still working on the end they were skiing blacks

all of us thanks to a nice lady - the sobey's were out on the slopes...we don't take these too often....

a view from the ski lift

Thursday we shopped in Pagosa Springs - this bear was HUGE

We just got back from our first ever family trip....we've gone on small trips but this was the first big trip we've done.  We went to Pagosa Springs CO and skiied Wolfe Creek Lodge.  The boys picked up skiing pretty quick; by the 3rd day they were skiing blacks....Keldyn of course was fearless - tips down the mountain, full speed...Bryson overanalyzed it at first (if you can believe that) but with some patient teaching from Scott he did great...Rielyn not so much at first but once we bought here the stretchy band for the front of her skiis she did great (blues on the last day).  We went with our friends from school (Scott, Dina and Tyler Sobey...Dina is the kids PE teacher and I teach Tyler in class and David has him for bball, Scott teaches in Pine Tree)...We had a blast...we left Saturday morning and got home Saturday morning.  David and i had been skiing early in our marriage and it was definitely different going as parents this time with our was so much fun seeing them have fun.  Funny how it becomes less about you when your kids are around....sometimes we need those reminders...they are with us for such a short time anyway.  Thanks Sobey's for letting us tag along!  We had so much fun! I think this will become an annual event for us! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time Flies!

Bryson turned 10 in January...didn't want to bore you with another sappy mommy story...he's 10; in 8 years he'll be leaving us for college! AGH!
My smiley girl!  she is a camera HOG!  i find all kinds of photos and vidoes she has shot of herself!  i caught her one day elbow dropping the ipod and recording it!  what a nut!
The very next picture was of him pretending to pick his nose...wonder where he gets that from?!
one of the snows we had....WE LOVED ALL OF THEM!  snowboarded down our hills, made snowmen, had snowball fights, etc, etc!  LOVED IT!
ready for battle!

my three kiddos - so sweet!

Haven't blogged in a while, i'm sure most of you have stopped checking :)  it has been very busy!  Basketball ended up good for us...we tied for 3rd but ended up beating UG for the playoff spot but we lost in the first round to Jefferson.  My first year there we were 3-22, so much improvement!  proud of the girls, they did awesome!  Kids are all good, we have stayed realtivley healthy, normal runny noses and such.  We are in track season now, so we are a little less pressed for time.  both the boys played little dribblers and had a blast.  They are all 3 signed up for little league baseball, well rielyn for t-ball (which she was a little ticked that it was t-ball and that they weren't going to be pitching it to her).  They will be playing in Hughes Springs so that will be closer for us as far as traveling goes!  We are ready for spring and summer, warm nights of eating out on the deck and working in the yard....We had a good weekend...resting....had dinner Saturday night with the Sobey's (the family we are going skiing with next week - the elementary PE teacher and i teach her son and David coaches him) then Sunday, we went to church and headed to a crawfish boil in McLeod with some coaching friends from there.  Then we rushed back to church bc David had a meeting before his men's Bible study begins on Wednesday (he is teaching Tony Dungy's book Uncommon) and then had our 1st Sunday fellowship and we stayed and visited with some church friends for a good while.  it was a nice overall weekend!  hope all of you are well, sorry i haven't been on here in so long...i'm sure my kids have said some funny stuff lately but i just can't remeber....Baby #1 for Keith and Meredith was born...Landry Grace AND Stephanie is anxiously awaiting baby #5...3 weeks from now....Caycen (I think)....loving me some babies!