Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This little cutie got in trouble yesterday at school....for talking....two times.  Needless to say she was in big trouble.  We don't do the get in trouble at school thing.  But then the mom in me started wondering.  What if she grows up to be a mute bc she got in trouble for talking when she was little.  I know, I know a little drastic but I want to nurture her into the woman God wants her to be.  SO.....after much thought of how I could handle this, we talked about how people all have different gifts. How her's was obviously talking and how God gave her that big 'ol voice for a reason - that she will one day do mighty things with it.  Later in the evening, she brought it up again. She said she could use her voice for preaching or being a doctor or a vet because you have to talk to people in all of those jobs or even an insurance seller like her daddy bc talking was his gift too :)  So glad that she was able to get that out of our conversation.  We also talked about how at school when the teacher is teaching is NOT the time to use her talking gift :)  Sure do love this girl!