Sunday, August 28, 2011

First day of school

Here is the annual pic of the first day of school.  The boys say do we really have to do took one last year...I know, but smile anyway.  Just thinking about what this photo will look like when B is a senior makes me teary :/ To say that we have had a lifestyle change would be an understatement.  For those who may not know, David and I are no longer coaching.  We have bought half of an insurance agency and he got liscensed this summer and is now an insurance agent in Daingerfield.  I am still teaching, but not at Diana. This year at Diana would have meant coaching 4 sports and teaching 6 classes.  The kids said a few things last year that really got to me and David and we re-evaluated what kind of legacy we were leaving our own kiddos.  The things they learn that are important now will carry over into their families and their children.  We were blessed with 3 precious babies and we did not for one minute have them think that other kids were more important than them.  We wanted them to know our laughs, to have the skills to play sports or the love of sports that we have because WE taught it to them.  So that meant me teaching only and them moving schools.  This first day photo is important.  It was before we had new friends, before we came home and said we hated it bc no one talked to us all day and it was before we had new friends calling us.  As a mom, you worry and you hope that the first day will be amazing that all the kids will see how awesome your kid is and want to be their friend. It didn't quite work out that way....HOWEVER - it is better now.  K hit it off immediately...everyone is my friend, etc.  R was hesitant at first but now she says first day was great...B had a tough time.  It must be an oldest thing (I remember my oldest sister being mad for YEARS bc we moved when she was going into the 10th grade).  This is not a habit we hope to continue.  We like Chapel Hill.  It has the atmosphere of a Christian school but its not.  God is present.  The energy is positive and caring. They offer advanced courses in the 7th grade and expect soo much out of the kids and the teachers. My kids will be challenged as will I as a professional.  Which is all good.  Will I miss not being called coach...sure....will  I miss seeing those familiar boys and girls faces from Diana...sure.... but I know deep in my heart this is the best thing for a family.  Leaving a legacy of your kids are EVERYTHING! Raising them is EVERYTHING.  Being home to do homework and not in a gym or on a bus and cooking dinner instead of eating concession stand food and listening to them read and not someone else is EVERYTHING!  The time we have with them is pricelss, once its gone we can't get it back.
Please don't get me wrong, I would not change the fact that we've coached for anything.  We have made some lifelong friends with our athletes.  We love them like they were our own kids. But at this stage in our life, this is what matters....more than the game of basektball.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 was much better - we made friends, people talked to us, etc, etc.  My boys are shocked that the kids here don't know who Michael Jordan is....the are HUGE fans....Rielyn doesn't think all the boys are stupid anymore so its progress.  My day is still long and I am completely pooped when i get home...Fell asleep yesterday filling out paperwork for the kiddos with my head on the table.  David is working late getting ready for renewal season....I can handle 2-3 months of late nights as opposed to 9 months of a fair trade off I guess.    SO READY FOR COOLER WEATHER!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Photos will come later....promise...just haven't had time to upload them.  They were so excited for school to start...for the most part. Keldyn said on Saturday....I love school! At that point I thought he had been abducted by aliens but he hadn't ... it was really him :)  We had an ok first loved it...the other said all the boys in her class were stupid and one was ready to pretend like he was dead today so that he wouldn't have to go.  Praying today was better for them.  My day was LONG....I have 5 classes before lunch and then 2 after, so my morning is jam packed and the afternoon goes by fast, so I guess that's good.  We were all pooped though.  David brought home pizza for dinner so that made the unhappy campers a bit more cheerful. Found a quote today that I liked....Success can be defined by 3 words... AND THEN SOME.  Really felt like this applies to multiple aspects of my life, as a Christian, as a mom, as a wife, as a teacher, etc.  Do you give the AND THEN SOME??  Sometimes its the bare minimum...gunna try to be an  AND THEN SOME kinda girl!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update #3

Movie Night - this is how she spent over 1/2 of the movie and the car ride home....guess we all need a good rest every once in a while.

Water gun war - playing around with a nurf water gun and this is what happens.  The kids were swimming/playing at the neighbors house and our neighbor and Bryson came running back to the house with this....NO FEAR though - we butterflied him right ER for us :)

Spider man bit the dust after this....He was a Christmas or birthday gift from Aunt Meredith several years ago, I am surprised he has lasted this long....they had a blast though while he did.....LOVE the expressions on their faces and their body language!

Is she sassy or what????  There are days when I think who's kid is this??? But then I am reminded....she's mine.  I know exactly where she gets it deep secret....I love fashion....that is probably my secret dream job.....I know I know....stop laughing already becasue you'd never know by the way I dress that I like fashion....but I that's where she gets it