Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not really sure what to title this one....we (the Schubert family) are all ready for Christmas break.  Even though we will spend some time filled with basketball, we are looking forward to resting.  David has planned a "boy" sleepout on the deck during the break on a night its "chilly"  we are definitely not the same on that.  For example, this week he has worn shorts and a long sleeve shirt to school.  I however, have had on multiple layers! So i Will not be joining them on their sleep-out!  i think the plan is to pull a mattress off one of the beds and throw in multiple blankets!  We have plans with both sets of families....mine on the 21st and then the Schubert's on the 24th or so.

I have had a stressful week at school...if you aren't a teacher....find one and Thank them.  This week has opened my eyes as to how much of a difference a teacher can make!  When they have no where to turn and feel lost or scared or like they have no one to talk to, they somehow know they can go to a teacher! It is stressful and weighs heavy on your heart sometimes but when it all comes down to it, this is why i do what i do.  And even though i jokingly say i don't like people, i worry about what some of these kids go through and carry around with them and my heart really goes out to them! 

We have a big game this Friday....WHITE OAK....they are always good, say a prayer for us...and the officials!

I hope that you all have a happy and safe Holiday, that your families are blessed beyond imagination!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I didn't realize it had been so long since I last blogged.  Time sure does fly!  We had a good Thanksgiving break.  The week prior, Bryson got sent home sick from school.  Started running fever that night as did Rileyn.  All 3 stayed home until Friday, in which the boys went back, they had been fever free for 24 hours.  However, we could not seem to get Rielyn's to break, so off to the doctor we went.  She had strep.  Antibiotics for 10 days which I hate, if I had my way, they'd get the shot everytime!  So she missed the whole week of school before Thanksgiving break AND missed her Thanksgiving day feast and program at school. She does however have an amazing teacher.  She sent home all of her crafty things they were working on AND had the kids perform the program, recorded it and sent it home to Rielyn on an MP3 player so she got to listen to the program even though she wasn't in it.  We spent Monday and Tuesday of the break at bball games. Wednesday we helped a  fellow teacher put metal on his roof, Thursday was at my parents with all the sisters and their kiddos and spouses and Friday was at the Schubert's with most of the family (Keith and Mer couldn't make it and James had to work.)Saturday was spent bball again and sunday was church and then back to school we came.  I have pictures but have not had time to upload them.  Two of my bball girls are suffered a concussion after playing Gilmer and has not been released to play for the last two weeks and still not cleared for contact sports.  The other got her nose broken this past Thursday in a game against Harleton.  So please pray we stay healthy and injury free!  We are off tomorrow so that will be nice. We actually skipped church last night bc we hadn't had an evening at home in i don't know how was well worth it and i'm sure God understood!  I have all 5 of our trees up, some presents are wrapped and i've started making some as well.  The lights are hung outside and we can't seem to get enough Christmas carols/movies!  My main tree is not fancy or elegant but it is by far my favorite.  It is fake, but David and i bought it our first or second Christmas so it holds sentimental value.  It is decorated with a host of different ornaments (no theme or anything) but i love it.  it makes me peaceful and happy to see it all lit up in the living room.  Love it!!!!  Busy weekend ahead, David and i are both in the Waskom tournment and we have our first district game next Friday! will try to post pics this week.  hope all is well....Remember the reason for the season!