Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bryson's Birthday

We celebrated Bryson's 9th birthday Saturday. You probably read the sappy post earlier so I won't go into all that (You're welcome Rhonda:)!) We had a good day. We got in late from the basketball games Friday night (midnight) and had to get up early for the boys little dribbler's games on Saturday. Then we had family and a few friends over for Saturday lunch and cake. My mom, of course, made the cake and it was awesome! Bryson wanted money for his birthday so he could go out and buy his own gifts (I guess he's getting too old for wrapped presents :(...)SO after the party we went to Longview so he could shop. He did really good, lots of good things and money left over! Thanks family and friends that made it a special day for him!
Funny story...we went to Taco Bell after the ball games Friday night. I had a left over taco and put it in my purse...discovered the taco Sunday morning in class. I opened my purse to get a pen out and noticed a strange smell. I was like why does my purse smell like tomatoes??? Then i found it, so I descretly closed my purse hoping no one else smelled it and then hurried to the restroom between sunday school and service to dispose of the taco!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My oldest son is quickly approaching his 9th birhtday! I can't even believe it. He is super pumped this year because his birthday is actually on Saturday, not a day that we have to be at school or at the gym for games. A little walk down memory lane, Bryson is my basktball baby. I had just graduated college and had my first job and was actually the head basketball coach! I did not tell my school I was pregnant for fear of not being hired! It worked out for a little while, well, six months to be exact because I did not start showing until then. We had not planned on having kiddos so soon becasue David was still in college and I had just finished (God's timing is WAAAAYYY more perfect than mine!) Anyway, I'll never forget, we had a superbowl party and one of our friends (Chad Scholtz) made SPICEY enchiladas. The next day, I was in the hospital! Funny story about that though, the nurse practioner in Kingsville thought I was breech (went in for a checkup) so she sent me to Corpus to the hospital to have it checked out. I went home first and told David and he said oh, you aren't having that baby today, go ahead and go over and you'll be home in a couple of hours. Soooo, I drive myself to Corpus and low and behold I had been in labor the entire time. I had to call David from the hospital and tell him to get over there becasue they were admitting me to the hospital! How exciting! Bryson, actually didn't arrive until Tuesday, and I ended up misseing our last 3 basketball games. Bryson is the oldest of the grandkids on both sides of the families. He is my sweety - now don't get me wrong, he's got enough of his daddy in him too (tells the cheerleaders "you actually think you're helping them" when they cheer) but he is my sensitive one. He loves music and art and basketball! he loves movies and playing video games. He's not a fan of animals, unless they are endangered and need to be rescued! He loves church and his family! He is so stinkin smart it makes me crazy. He can remember things that he reads instantly or things that happened years ago. So, Happy Birthday Bryson, early, from your mom who loves you to Pluto and back! PS (for all three of our babies we ended up living close to Chad and made me spicey enchiladas for the other two as well!)

Monday, January 25, 2010


okay, so I didn't get little dribbler's pictures. My camera decided not to work, but it was good. The boys both did good. They are still learning. This is their first time to play organized basketball. I did see some children that I need to start reqruiting!!!! Just kidding...I don't do that! Two of the boys friends came over and spent the night after their games, it rained so we did lots of boy things INSIDE the house. Rolled down the stairs, made forts out of beds, etc, etc. We had a good time. Yesterday was a total veg out day. After church, we did nothing; we watched tv and played video games.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Dribblers

Bryson and Keldyn are playing little dribblers. This is going to be quite a change for me. Going from coach mode to mama mode. I tried to watch practice yesterday and I found myself coaching the boys. UGH! I hate parents that do that. So, tomorrow I will not coach the boys while they are playing...I'll wait till they get home HEHEHE! This should be interesting. Baseball I was ok not talking bc I don't know much about however...totally different story. I'll have some pics to post Monday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yesterday, after school, we did our BIG grocery shopping trip (Sam's Club, Walmart, etc). First of all, the boys were totally hoping Sam's had their samples out because they were STARVING!!!! They did, so they were able to shop and snack. We had to buy Rielyn some new tennis shoes because she had blow outs in her other ones and had stepped in dogie poo just one time too many for me. Anyway, we left Longview about 6:00 and watched the beautiful lightning show on the way home. We heard on the radio about tornado warnings but they were all around the Tyler area. We get home, get all the groceries unloaded, the boys take a shower and then I start getting all these text messages and phone calls "You guys OK?" and I'm thinking ..yes, why do you ask. The more I find out, there were not one but two tornadoes that headed straight for Lone Star. We heard a high pitched moaning at one point but nothing to panic us (David is really good about sending the kids downstairs if the weather is bad). It turns out that one touched down in Hughes Springs just about 5-7 miles from us and one in Gilmer. We did have hail, but no visible tornadoes.
On a second note, while reading my book this morning I read something that really stuck out to me "Satan can't stand the word of God nor can he stand up to it" How powerful is that. If we simply armour ourselves with the word of God then Satan begins to flee. SWEET!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Failure

Ok... I totally feel like a blog failure. I read all these other peoples blogs and they are amazing, insightful, heartfelt, deep, etc, etc. They are eyeopeing, spiritual, funny, cute, etc, etc. Mine is just plain. Just plain 'ol me. But you know what? Its a good thing God doesn't judge us by our "blogs" I am plain, but I'm me. My thoughts are always everywhere. My heart is always everywhere. I cry when I want to laugh, I laugh when I want to cry and sometimes I just need to scream. My life is not filled with drama or exciting events. Well, except maybe last night; my basketball team won 50-46 and we were down by 9 to start the fourth quarter. I'm a nerd at heart. I love to make my kids laugh and to see them achieve great things. I am reading a book right now on how to become the woman of his dreams and it challenges me. Being raised in an all girl family we were forced to be independent and so this book challenges me to think differently. To be the helper to my husband, not less than him, but the helper of him, jsut as Christ was the helper of God and the Holy Spirit, etc. And how that even if I don't say anything to inspire my man to conquer the world I can pray for him daily and do more damage in the heavenly battlefield than anything I could ever say or do. How amazing is that!!!! Ok, enough of my soap box. I think I'm just tired. We did not get home last night unitl 10:30 from the basketball games - I'm pooped (hope my boys make it through school today!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things kids say! you got the story of how Rielyn was sick. She felt better Sunday and never ran fever so we went to church. While taking communion, Keldyn starts noticing how different all of our eyes are and he says" Mommy has green eyes, Daddy has green eyes, Rielyn has green eyes and Bryson has blue eyes" David whispers back "no Rielyn has blue eyes" to which Rielyn says (not in a whisper) "I have diaherra!" we all started cracking up and i'm sure the people next to us thought we were just heathens for laughing during communion...but it was funny! Then last night we went to eat at Catfish Village and our male waiter had an earring and this totally threw Rielyn off. She wanted to ask him if he was a pirate???!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy Weekend

What a weekend we had! First of all, mine and David's basketball teams both won their games Friday (they were both much needed wins). Saturday, David was going to go fishing but it rained all day so he stayed home with the boys. Rielyn and I traveled to Wells to visit Sarah and new baby Addyson. Aunt Becca and Emma rode with us. We had a good visit and it was quite funny to hear Charlie's interpretation of the labor and delivery!! Peyton has adjusted well to his new sister and did not want anyone holding, feeding or kissing her. What a nut! about ten minutes before we were leaving Rielyn had bathroom troubles (diarrhea) and i thought oh great, we are going to have to stop a million times but was ok just wished she felt better. Sorry Sarah - had no clue she felt bad at all! anyway, about 30 minutes down the road she said "I need to go potty!" so as fast as i could i found a gas station and no sooner had i gone in with her and closed the stall door, SHE PUCKED! ALOT. She did not have fever, just severe stomach cramps. Anyway to make a long story short, she threw up 3 more times (i even had to stop at a dollar store to buy a bowl!!!) we made it home, gave her a bath and sent her straight to bed. she is much better now! i had a wonderful surprise when i got home. David and the boys had gone grocery shopping, cleaned the entire house (sweep, mop, beds made, etc,etc) and had done some small odds and ends that have needed to get done for the past two years! it was sooo nice---and no David was not in trouble. It was much appreciated! I love my boys (all 3 of them) And the boys drew me a picture of the whole family - it was sooo sweet.

Friday, January 15, 2010

just wondering

i heard something on tv last night that has bothered me. Gilbert Arenas of the Washinton Wizards was charged with a felony charge of gun possession. the problem i have is that the announcer on ESPN said "oh, he's a pro-athlete, a role model, etc, etc" the role model part is what i have a problem with. just because a person plays a professional sport DOES NOT make them a role model. a role model is the family that takes food to those who don't have it, firefighters, police officers, etc. people who risk their lives or give of themselves for others. any thoughts?

Day Two

Funny Story about Keldyn - Keldyn is my ham, he's always laughing, cracking jokes, etc. last week he got a ribbon from school for honesty. when asking him about it i said that's great Keldyn what were you honest about (thinking there was something specific he had been honest for) Keldyn's response was "I'm always school" HEHE - so anywhere else he's not :) he cracks me up!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi! I have a sister, two sisters in law and a friend who all have i thought i'd start one as well, and then they can keep up with The Schubey's! Our actual last name is Schubert but being a teacher and a coach Schubert gets shortened to Schubey. I have been married to my husband David for 11 years. we have 3 beautiful children. Bryson (9), Keldyn (7) and Rielyn (4). David and I both coach and teach at New Diana High School. We met in south Texas at Texas A&M Kingsville. His sister Stephanie lived across the hall from me in the dorm and his girlfriend at the time was on the basketball team with me. It's really a neat story because when I went on my recruiting visit there he asked his girlfriend how the new girl was (me) she said "oh, she's ok...she listens to christian music alot and doesn't go out or drink or anything." According to him, he had an interest in me then! Anyway, they broke up and he and i started talking and the next summer were married. (9months total) after two years of marriage baby one came along! we both love kids and i always say that if David had been a pro athlete we'd have ten or more. all of my pregnancies were easy (ate anything i wanted, never had morning sickness, only gained 22 pounds with all 3, etc, etc PERFECT!) we started coaching and teaching in south Texas then moved to the Waco area, stayed there for two years, then moved back to south Texas so David could start a family business with his Dad and one year later we were in East Texas (back home for me) Funny thing is...most of his family lives here too now. His parents and his sister Tiffany live in our neighborhood and his sister Stephanie lives in Dallas (Keith his brother lives in Georgetown) All of my sisters live fairly close (Rhonda in Gilmer, Rebecca in Kilgore and Sarah in Wells..near Lufkin).

I am a real woman. I struggle. I have bad days. I doubt myself all the time (am i a good enough wife, am i a good enough mother, am i good enough at my job, am i a good enough christian)There is only one way that i make it through...Christ Jesus. I jokingly consider my self a mutt christian (broght up Methodist, grandmother was Pentecostel, tried Baptist and non-denominational and now since marrying David have been Church of Christ) i love Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, Mandisa, David Crowder Band, Accapella, Mercy Me, Kirk Franklin (pretty much all of it...except hard rock or rap).. i love my family to Pluto and back and am blessed to have an extended family of 18 young ladies i call the basketball team. that's how it's always been for me. i spend more time with my girls than i do with my own kids some days and i treat them like i would want someone to treat mine. I think of myself as a life lesson teacher and not just a coach...far more important to me for them to be great women who work hard at everything they do, are loyal, dedicated, trustworthy, leaders of their communities when they grow up!!!

My own kiddos are the light of my life. they crack me up...they drive me crazy somedays, but most of the time we are laughing and enjoying life. we live on a lake so we spend our summer days being incredibly lazy (after our work is done) hanging out by the water swimming or jet skiing. Bryson is my analytical child. he has more in common with 6th graders than he does kids his own age. He loves Jesus already with his whole heart and wants to make us proud in everything he does. Keldyn is my wild man. He climbs on any and everyhting and is always busy. he too loves school, but i think its more to socialize, however his teacher says he's great in class. Then there's Rielyn, she's mixture of both the boys. Very logical but will say some of the craziest stuff. David is my best friend. like most husbands, he can drive me crazy sometimes but i am so blessed to be married to him. he is a people person, talkative, athetlic, outgoing and always busy. He loves helping people and would do anything for his family. That's basically it, in a nutshell. i'm not sure how great i'll be at this, no books or anything will get published from me blogging :) but i'd like to share my world with you!