Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love Wins....

Lately, I have been very concerned about the teachings of a new "preacher" Rob Bell.  Oh, he seems to be a super nice and sweet man, however, I'm not sure he has actually READ the Bible.  He has two books out and his latest one is called Love Wins.  There is a video of him promoting this book if you'd like to see it.  I have not read it, but from what I have read and have seen (articles from CNN and the video) I get that the basic essence of what he is saying is that God isn't really going to send people to hell.  That even if you don't believe in him and aren't baptized but you are a "good" person, he's not really going to send to you a place where you burn forever.  That earth is our hell and that everyone will go to heaven.  SO, I am intrigued (about what this guy is really teaching), concerned (that many people will believe what he is saying), worried (that people want the "easy to swallow" sermons....see my sisters blog for that).  Then this morning, I was doing my Max Lucado devotional and this is what it read....

The Standard
We are made holy through the sacrifice Christ made in his body once and for all time. Hebrews 10:10

Only the holy will see God.  Holiness is a prerequisite to heaven.  Perfection is a requirement for eternity.  We wish it weren't so.  We act like it isn't so.  We act like those who are "decent" will see God.  We suggest that those who try hard will see God. We act as if we're good if we never do anything too bad. And that goodness is enough to qualify us for heaven.
Sounds right to us, but it doesn't sound right to God. And he sets the standard.  And the standard is high.  "You must be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect" (Matt 5:48)
You see, in God's plan, God is the standard for perfection.  We don't compare ourselves to others; they are just as fouled up as we are.  The goal is to be like him; anything less is inadequate.  (He Still Moves Stones)

When I read this, I wanted to say TAKE THAT ROB BELL!!!  It is very scary for our society that a man, a false teacher, is becoming so popular and being taught in our churches!!!  It makes me more determined than ever to teach my own children the WORD of God, that was breathed onto the pages.  To let them know that no, there is not a fast food, easy to swallow version of the Bible.  And to be cautious of those who claim to be teaching God's word and to have discernment and wisdom.... for them and for me!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - trip to Colorado

A gas station on Route 66...the history there is kind of interesting; we stayed in Tucumcari, NM - halfway to CO

loved this! there were actually 3 crosses but this is all we got

the Sobey's traveling to CO - our kids argued over who would get to ride with them...they have a 16 yr old son...HE LOVED when Rielyn rode with them LOL - said she talked too much :)

these rocks in NM were amazing...the colors were so distinct

a lake in NM - Aquauiu (SP?) was amazing, you are just driving along and then all of a sudden there this lake in the middle of the mountains - it was gorgeous

a day at the ski slopes - there were over 5000 people there

all smiles

my boys - after the first can tell we are still working on the end they were skiing blacks

all of us thanks to a nice lady - the sobey's were out on the slopes...we don't take these too often....

a view from the ski lift

Thursday we shopped in Pagosa Springs - this bear was HUGE

We just got back from our first ever family trip....we've gone on small trips but this was the first big trip we've done.  We went to Pagosa Springs CO and skiied Wolfe Creek Lodge.  The boys picked up skiing pretty quick; by the 3rd day they were skiing blacks....Keldyn of course was fearless - tips down the mountain, full speed...Bryson overanalyzed it at first (if you can believe that) but with some patient teaching from Scott he did great...Rielyn not so much at first but once we bought here the stretchy band for the front of her skiis she did great (blues on the last day).  We went with our friends from school (Scott, Dina and Tyler Sobey...Dina is the kids PE teacher and I teach Tyler in class and David has him for bball, Scott teaches in Pine Tree)...We had a blast...we left Saturday morning and got home Saturday morning.  David and i had been skiing early in our marriage and it was definitely different going as parents this time with our was so much fun seeing them have fun.  Funny how it becomes less about you when your kids are around....sometimes we need those reminders...they are with us for such a short time anyway.  Thanks Sobey's for letting us tag along!  We had so much fun! I think this will become an annual event for us! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time Flies!

Bryson turned 10 in January...didn't want to bore you with another sappy mommy story...he's 10; in 8 years he'll be leaving us for college! AGH!
My smiley girl!  she is a camera HOG!  i find all kinds of photos and vidoes she has shot of herself!  i caught her one day elbow dropping the ipod and recording it!  what a nut!
The very next picture was of him pretending to pick his nose...wonder where he gets that from?!
one of the snows we had....WE LOVED ALL OF THEM!  snowboarded down our hills, made snowmen, had snowball fights, etc, etc!  LOVED IT!
ready for battle!

my three kiddos - so sweet!

Haven't blogged in a while, i'm sure most of you have stopped checking :)  it has been very busy!  Basketball ended up good for us...we tied for 3rd but ended up beating UG for the playoff spot but we lost in the first round to Jefferson.  My first year there we were 3-22, so much improvement!  proud of the girls, they did awesome!  Kids are all good, we have stayed realtivley healthy, normal runny noses and such.  We are in track season now, so we are a little less pressed for time.  both the boys played little dribblers and had a blast.  They are all 3 signed up for little league baseball, well rielyn for t-ball (which she was a little ticked that it was t-ball and that they weren't going to be pitching it to her).  They will be playing in Hughes Springs so that will be closer for us as far as traveling goes!  We are ready for spring and summer, warm nights of eating out on the deck and working in the yard....We had a good weekend...resting....had dinner Saturday night with the Sobey's (the family we are going skiing with next week - the elementary PE teacher and i teach her son and David coaches him) then Sunday, we went to church and headed to a crawfish boil in McLeod with some coaching friends from there.  Then we rushed back to church bc David had a meeting before his men's Bible study begins on Wednesday (he is teaching Tony Dungy's book Uncommon) and then had our 1st Sunday fellowship and we stayed and visited with some church friends for a good while.  it was a nice overall weekend!  hope all of you are well, sorry i haven't been on here in so long...i'm sure my kids have said some funny stuff lately but i just can't remeber....Baby #1 for Keith and Meredith was born...Landry Grace AND Stephanie is anxiously awaiting baby #5...3 weeks from now....Caycen (I think)....loving me some babies!