Friday, April 27, 2012

The Right Thing?

As parents, we try to make "the right" decision.  We try to see the big picture, outweighing the positives and the negatives.  Most of the time, the decision involves what we think is best for our children.  We have moved around because of coaching but in the past few years, the moves had other agendas, better education for our babies - better opportunity for them.  Were there coaching jobs attached  - yes - but ultimately the decisions were based on if my children were going to get a better education.  Our philosophy on education is a little different.  We think that children are smart or educated or like school based on what they get at home.  There's no educator that could "dumb down" my children.  We challenge them at home.  However, I have learned this year, that educators can begin to alter a child's personality and their perspective on how they see school.  I have one, and i won't say which bc he wouldn't like that too much, but i have one who has had a rough time this year.  And it breaks my heart.  Because he says things like "I'm just going to go unnoticed from now on.  i'm  not going to stand out for anything."  We have talked about how as Christians we are not meant to hide or go unnoticed.  And I know that life won't be easy for them all the time (even though I would dearly love it to be).  i know that we grow through our challenges and hardships.  I guess I just didn't think it would happen this early.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Few Firsts

This weekend brought on a few big firsts in our house.  #1 Bryson push mowed part of the yard.  He will soon be taking over my job, even though I don't consider it a job.  I would rather mow than clean house ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!  #2 My boys rode their bikes to the store.  I was tempted, really tempted to follow along behind them in the car.  It was cute though to see them riding up on their bikes, bag dangling from the handle bars and to learn who went in and who was on bike duty (the guarder of the bikes!)  #3 I learned that boys clothes MUST be washed in hot water.  They say they will never wear anything but bball shorts and t-shirts to school - we'll see how long that lasts!  #4 All three of my kiddos went running with me and no one quit.  The whole time we were running, Rileyn would randomly say to herself but out loud "I'm not a quitter, I'm not a quitter!"  I wonder if anyone who doesn't know we used to be coaches think we are like some dictator cruel parents??  #5 The boys attended song leader camp yesterday and learned some tricks of the trade :)  Then at tonight's evening service they each sang two songs, but had to find songs that fit the theme of the preacher's message.  I am so glad they enjoy it and have the courage to get up in front of the congregation (I sure don't)  They worked very hard and are encouraged by our church family! #6 My hubby offered to get a house cleaner.  Most women I think would jump at the opportunity but I however was offended by it.  He said it wasn't that I didn't do a good job just not time for as often as its needed.  I'm sure I'll break down and say yes but for now its a no....I'm just a little stubborn :) Not a first, I have piles of papers to grade, end of six weeks was Friday, but yet I keep finding myself doing everything but!  Including blogging :)  I hope everyone has a great week, say a prayer for the test takers that they will have no anxiety, no stress and a ready recollection of everything their teachers have taught them and what they know!  Enjoy the beautiful weather we are supposed to have.  Oh yeah, I forgot...Bryson's DI team for GT got 1st place at STATE and advanced to the global competition in Knoxville, TN!  And yes, it really is global.  He will compete against Canada, Japan, China and the US!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If I'm not "Scary Coach Schubert" then who am I?

That was the question that bothered me for most of the summer months and the beginning of the school year.  Well...I finally have an answer.  I am the teacher that...
1.  greets every student at the door everyday and says good morning or good afternoon to them
2.  starts each class with a good morning and I make them say it back to me (yes, like a preacher does)
3. plays fun upbeat music in my class on Fridays (like Mandisa or Jamie Grace)
4.  Tells them that God IS in EVERY desk in my room
5.  Insists that there is more to life than partying
6.  Finds a lesson in every story and tries to let each student tell their's
7.  Takes them outside to do jumping jacks and turn cartwheels when discussing how to essays
8.  Is happy everyday - even if i have to fake it - because they each have their own set of baggage, they don't need mine
9.  doesn't panic when the principal walks in bc we are gonna do what we do and keep going
10.  is real and honest with them

It took some time. I worry about them and pray for them and want the best for them, even if I've only known THESE students for 8 months.  It makes me sad when I see former students and athletes making poor choices when I know that they know better.  I worry about my own children and it scares me what some of these kids have become exposed to at such young ages (not just exposed but are knowledgeable about)
SO...that's who I am when I'm not scary Coach Schubert.  The love and concern for the kids is the same - it just comes out a different way.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Things Kids Notice

My kids and I have a morning playlist.  We drive 25 minutes to school - so its a good time to visit and listen to music that gets our hearts and our minds focused on God.  This also puts us all in good moods. Well, I guess it has rubbed off.  I had a student ask me in 4th period yesterday right as class was starting "Do you like your job?" I thought this was odd and a little random. I said "Yes, most days, why?"  She said "you're always just so happy.  I couldn't be that way if I was a teacher." This was the best compliment any student could have given me.  That means that she's noticed something different in me - that's exactly what I want. For my students to see that I act and react differently, that there is something in me that not a lot of others let out. I want them to see the joy of Christ without me "preaching" to them.  Our preacher once said "Some of the greatest sermons are those without words!"  How true!

On another note, Rileyn and I are having conversations lately that I didn't think would happen for another 10 years or so.  I have a burning passion for young girls to know that having a boyfriend does not need to be what defines them.  I could write on this topic ALL DAY but I'll save this for later :)  for now though, I was talking to her about "crushes" and how it will be ok NOT to have a boyfriend but to go out with lots of friends, guys and girls.  That she needs to be careful with words like "I love you" so on and so on.  I told her how special her husband would feel if she were able to tell him that besides her daddy he's the only man/boy that she has told those words to.  When I finished, she asked "Were you popular in school?"  I said "what do you think"  and her reply "No, probably not."  Really.  That's what she got out of that?  Are you kidding me?  Well, I then continued with it's ok not to be popular and really its not that important and how that being a Christian doesn't always mean doing the popular thing or being popular.  I just hope some of it sinks in.  My goal - to have her completely brainwashed by the time she's 16 :) HEHE!

Have a fantastic Easter weekend - Because He Lives!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's so special about this place?

Last night, we had gone out to dinner to Papacita's.  While we were eating, prom kids kept coming in dressed in their fancy dresses and tuxedos.   After a while, Keldyn says, why would you bring your date here, what's so special about this place?  We didn't really have an answer other than it was good.  I asked him though, Where would you take your date?  He smiled and said McDonald's - they have fries.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Its all about perspective isn't it :) - Have a blessed day!