Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ohoy Vey!

Why is it that when you are trying to be a better person, people just tick you off??? Loving the Wallflower book, it is really good so far and going to be quite challenging. I am most definitely a wall flower. Confident in some areas of my life but not so much in others. Always wondering if I am doing enough and if what I am doing is good enough.

We had our middle school girls district track meet last night. Our 7th graders got 2nd overall and our 8th graders got 7th. We were finished by 8:00 and home by 8:45. Please explain to me why parents think that coaches are free daycare. We had parents that did not come get their kids until 9:20!!! We called at 8:30 to tell all parents we would be back in 10 minutes. I have a family people that I would like to be able to see!!!! URGHHH!

Yesterday during High School athletics, we had 7 girls absent. Somehow they are great up until 6th period and then all of a sudden they have to go home before athletics...if you don't like athletics then don't be IN athletics....when i was in high school there was nothing my coaches could have done to make me not want to be in athletics...EVER!

It's only Monday and already the lesson of loving those you are stuck with is kicking in! Not that I'm stuck with these people but really having to work on the loving part....I am learning lessons for later on though:
1. How my kids had better not act when they are in middle/high school
2. How not to act as a parent!

Hope you all have a blessed day - pray for me!

Monday, March 29, 2010


I was informed this weekend that I wasn't writing enough, to which I responded... I have nothing to say. If you know me, then this doesn's surprise you. My kids are doing great. They are so ready for summer. We had a big weekend this past weekend. David and I had an all day track meet at Hallsville. It was strange going back for me because coaches who coached me are still there and then kids that were younger than me are also coaching there, so it was a little wierd. On Thursday night, David's sister Stephanie and their kiddos came in. We let the boys play hookie Friday bc we didn't have a way to get them back home once we left for the meet at 10 AM. Marla voluntarily had an all girl sleepover with pj's and paper dolls, pizza and sundaes! they had a great time. Saturday we went to Elijah's birthday party in Gilmer and then did some grocery shopping. Sunday, Mark, me and the kids went to mom and dads to shovel poop. Real cow poop. Mark is trying to get his garden to grow better so what better way than organic fertilizer! Good times!!! It really wasn't that bad. We got home, went to church and then came home and worked on the 500 pounds of laundry that had accumulated over the week. Bryson is getting a little big for his britches. he told me yesterday he wasn't scared of me. My resonse was to tackle him to the ground and make him scream like a little girl. then at dinner last night he was running his face again saying how he had taken me out!!! MY response was "when i've got you pinned on the ground and your screaming like a girl - pretty sure that means i win!" Marla was cracking up. There will be a day, when i can't wrestle with him like that bc he will be too big but it's fun for now. We have a busy week ahead of us. Three track meets (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) church on Wednesday then 1/2 day of school before Easter! Looking forward to some good weather and good time with the family!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I Do This

Last night we had a middle school track meet. Now middle school kids are a breed of their own and sometimes you wonder what in the world they are thinking and how in the world did you get talked into taking 51 girls on a bus to ANYWHERE! However, one of the greatest thrills of my entire life is seeing kids achieve something they never thought they could. Sometimes, you have to sweet talk them into doing and sometimes you have to down right bully them into it - either way though - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEEING THIER FACES WHEN THEY DO THIS. The pure innocence of how excited and pumped up they are is worth every bit of it. That's why I do what I do.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

We had a good and relaxing spring break. Yes, we worked most days, but it was good work. We re-roofed a house in 2 days, David put up gutters in one, I was able to rake the yard and burn all of the debri(leaves, sticks, etc), David fished 2 days, we went to the zoo with some friends one day and ran into an old high school friend, managed to stay in our PJ's ALL DAY SATURDAY and enjoyed the lazy, snow filled Sunday we had! It's back to work and the kids are counting down the days until summer. I've started reading When Wall Flowers Dance, a Bible study about becoming the woman of confidence God wants you to be - we'll see how it goes. Hope everyone is blessed - I know I am!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perfect Days

This is a picture of our tortilla pizzas (we were introduced to these about 12 years ago by our good friends Steve and Daisy Greek). We love these. My kids would rather eat these than regular pizza. This is David's so its completely loaded with EVERYTHING. All you do is take a tortilla, smear it with spaghetti sauce, cheese (we use cheddar and mozzarella), add a few pepperonis, jalapenos, bell peppers and tomatoes and wallah! a masterpiece!

We have had a busy, tiring, yet perfect beginning to spring break. David took on a roofing job for some extra cash for mini projects around our own house. I am so blessed to have a husband who can do many things. David has always been like that, even when we were first married, if we needed money he would go out and find some manual labor to get some cash. Now don't get me wrong, the man wants to retire by the time he's 45 so he can fish more, but he does and will work when needed. The job only took us two days and the weather was PERFECT for it. The kids helped and it was nice just to be outside all day.

After we got home Monday, we all went fishing for about two hours, we caught one keeper and Keldyn wanted to eat it for dinner. So when we got home, David grilled chicken and one fish and we had dinner out on the patio. It was beautiful, the sun was setting, the weather was nice and we were able to relax.

Last night we went and ate at Cheddars - while we were there the boys noticed this lady with really big eyes...they kept staring at her and I think she was staring back. On our way out, she stopped me....i thought oh now, she's going to ask why the boys were staring at her so much. much to my surprise though, she said "I just wanted to compliment you on your children, they are so well behaved. I was impressed" what a nice compliment. That is about the second time in a week that a random stranger has commented on how well our kids are. Thank you God for blessing us with awesome kiddos!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring break

As a child and as a teenager, we never took a spring break vacation. We always had to work over spring break. We grew up on a farm with only the 4 of us girls so we did everything. Spring Break was spring cleaning time...I'm talking about washing walls and baseboards, cleaning closets, yard work, etc... you think of it, we did it. i thought this was what all farm kids did. i found out this past week that it was all a scam. Visiting with my parents, i found out that it was totally set up. they made us work so that we would WANT to go back to school. Can you believe it? mom said, We didn't need the house clean, we just wanted you all to be ready to go back to school, we wanted you to enjoy being at school and would rather be there than at home. Totally going to do that with my kids!!!! This spring break, my kids are helping re-roof a house and helping put new gutters on another house. they will be ready for school to start back. HEHE!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prayers Requested

Please pray for our school and the kids who have been affected...we had a very tragic weekend....one of our student's mom died of a heart attack, no warnings, no anything, just died; she's a freshmen. A junior boy was in a wreck, a woman pulled out in front of him...she ended up dying, three witnesses said there was nothing else he could have done; finally, we had some students arrested for drug possession. Satan knows how to attack doesn't he...something good can come of all this but please keep these precious kiddos in your thoughts and prayers. thanks!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Biblical Question

Ok - this may be strange, but it has stumped me....Adam and Eve had kids, Cain and Able, then came Seth...Right after it talks about Seth it then says that he took a wife....WHERE DID SHE COME FROM? Did God make other people after Adam and Eve in other parts of the world and we just don't know about it...how did these men take wives? It has stumped me, I've researched it and cant find the answer.