Monday, October 25, 2010


Keeping this updated is a lot of work....and it means i have to be creative and clever....those are chores for me!!!:)  Things have been going great.  Basketball season started for me last Wednesday....super excited about this season....we should definitely surprise some people this year (this is a big deal seeing as how my first year here we only won 3 games, last year 14 and this year we'd like to be 20+)  David's cross country teams have both advanced to the regional meet.  His boys actually got 1st in district and the girls 3rd...he's very excited about how well they've been doing.  His boys team is ranked #2 in 2A in the state.  The kids are doing great.  Bryson has decided he wants to let his hair grow out  (he actually said so he can flip Justin Bieber or Beaver as Rielyn says it)....Keldyn's reading grades have improved tremendously...he is really working hard at getting those up (not sure if i posted before or not but he is slightly dyslexic, so we are all learning strategies and tools to help him have success)  Rielyn is as sassy as ever.  A middle school girl was trying to say hi to her but she kept saying Riley....Rileyn stopped in her tracks and said "It's Rielyn, R-I-E-L-Y-N" and turned around and walked off....This was at 7:30 in the morning people!!! She got to be in the Yamboree parade(s) in Gilmer this past weekend.... i think she liked the idea of everyone waving at her:)  The boys and David are going to the Tech/ A&M game on Saturday, thanks to one very nice preacher!  I ran in the Tater Trot a few weeks ago and got 29th overall, with basketball starting though, my running days are going to be limited...we are practicing at 6am, which means up at 4:30 for me.  I really do enjoy running though, it is my stress release and i am still competitive at my age (i REALLY don't like losing) so i think it is healthy for me, besides the obvious.  I love the fall, the coots (water fowl) and the otters come back to the lack and just yesterday we saw an EAGLE trying to scoop up a coot!  it was amazing....we've seen them around but never that was right off out pier!  My girls group at school is doing fantastic...they named us COLGAT (changing one lovely girl ata time) and we have over 45 girls each week and are still growing.  It's pretty amazing what God can do once you open your self up to coming out of your comfort zones.   We are busy, busy but loving life!  God has truly blessed us! Have a great week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday!  I just want to take a minute to wish him a late happy birthday (via the web).  I've already talked to him and know that he had a great day!  Thanks Dad for always being supportive, for teaching us how to work and have integrity, how that if you say it you 'd better mean it, for teaching me to love sports and for helping mom make sure we knew how to be a lady, no matter what.  Thanks for being a super grandpa, for spoiling all the grandkids and for loving family unconditionally.  love you dad! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Keldyn's Birthday

enjoying some mickey mouse pancakes.  this was early saturday morning bc we were heading out to a cross country meet.  that is why they look sooo tired!

chillin at olive garden

enjoying some noodles with dad!

loving some noodles.  i think he ate the whole bowl like that.  we did have to have the conversation that this was not the type of restaurant where blowing your straw paper across the room was appropriate!  McDonalds is more suited for that.  and by the way, Rileyn is REALLY good at doing that!

Full from some noodles! he's totally hamming it up

his own MM panckake!
I know it's been three weeks since Keldyn's birthday, but i just haven't had time to post any of the pics.  we did have a really great time!  he enjoyed his dinner at olive garden and some great gifts (thanks to all) i can't believe how fast he is growing up!  the past few weeks have been crazy busy and its only going to get more busy.  We start basketball next week (YEAH!) but i still have middle school volleyball going on, we have volleyball playing still and going to make playoffs, Cross Country will more than likely go to state and football is still playing, so that means my practice times are 5:30 AM!!!! love it though, this should be a great season for my girls!  Bryson has grown an inch in one wonder all of his pants are high waters!!! Keldyn is struggling with reading but we did find out he is slightly dislexic so we have some tools we are working on at home to help with this.  Rielyn is just sassy!  have a good week, i'll try to do better posting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Reality TV

I know, I know, it's been a while and no I haven't forgotten about Keldyn's birthday pictures.  It has just been one of those weeks.  I will try to post those this weekend.  This post however I made time for.  I have decided not to watch TLC anymore. This is one of my favorite channels bc of shows like what not to wear, say yes to the dress, 19 kids and counting, etc, etc.  However, when TLC recently decided to put on Sister Wives, I have decided this is a channel I can no longer support.  We have made a clean sweep of our TV viewing and any channel that has non-Christian shows on it we are not watching it. Now I'm not saying we are sitting around watching TBN all day, but it was amazing how one day of cleaning to some great Christian music instead of being consumed with television will open your eyes as to what you do and do not need.   No wonder people in this day and age are so messed up.  Reality TV (real housewives of whatever county they live in, jersey shore, the real world, etc) are all a joke.  And our nations kids are obsessed with teen reality tv and it is quite bothersome.  so, to end my soapbox, people are more consumed with watching someone else's "reality" tv than going out and living their own fabulous lives and I personally am tired of it.  And at the Schubert house, we've made a change.