Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not really sure what to title this one....we (the Schubert family) are all ready for Christmas break.  Even though we will spend some time filled with basketball, we are looking forward to resting.  David has planned a "boy" sleepout on the deck during the break on a night its "chilly"  we are definitely not the same on that.  For example, this week he has worn shorts and a long sleeve shirt to school.  I however, have had on multiple layers! So i Will not be joining them on their sleep-out!  i think the plan is to pull a mattress off one of the beds and throw in multiple blankets!  We have plans with both sets of families....mine on the 21st and then the Schubert's on the 24th or so.

I have had a stressful week at school...if you aren't a teacher....find one and Thank them.  This week has opened my eyes as to how much of a difference a teacher can make!  When they have no where to turn and feel lost or scared or like they have no one to talk to, they somehow know they can go to a teacher! It is stressful and weighs heavy on your heart sometimes but when it all comes down to it, this is why i do what i do.  And even though i jokingly say i don't like people, i worry about what some of these kids go through and carry around with them and my heart really goes out to them! 

We have a big game this Friday....WHITE OAK....they are always good, say a prayer for us...and the officials!

I hope that you all have a happy and safe Holiday, that your families are blessed beyond imagination!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I didn't realize it had been so long since I last blogged.  Time sure does fly!  We had a good Thanksgiving break.  The week prior, Bryson got sent home sick from school.  Started running fever that night as did Rileyn.  All 3 stayed home until Friday, in which the boys went back, they had been fever free for 24 hours.  However, we could not seem to get Rielyn's to break, so off to the doctor we went.  She had strep.  Antibiotics for 10 days which I hate, if I had my way, they'd get the shot everytime!  So she missed the whole week of school before Thanksgiving break AND missed her Thanksgiving day feast and program at school. She does however have an amazing teacher.  She sent home all of her crafty things they were working on AND had the kids perform the program, recorded it and sent it home to Rielyn on an MP3 player so she got to listen to the program even though she wasn't in it.  We spent Monday and Tuesday of the break at bball games. Wednesday we helped a  fellow teacher put metal on his roof, Thursday was at my parents with all the sisters and their kiddos and spouses and Friday was at the Schubert's with most of the family (Keith and Mer couldn't make it and James had to work.)Saturday was spent bball again and sunday was church and then back to school we came.  I have pictures but have not had time to upload them.  Two of my bball girls are suffered a concussion after playing Gilmer and has not been released to play for the last two weeks and still not cleared for contact sports.  The other got her nose broken this past Thursday in a game against Harleton.  So please pray we stay healthy and injury free!  We are off tomorrow so that will be nice. We actually skipped church last night bc we hadn't had an evening at home in i don't know how was well worth it and i'm sure God understood!  I have all 5 of our trees up, some presents are wrapped and i've started making some as well.  The lights are hung outside and we can't seem to get enough Christmas carols/movies!  My main tree is not fancy or elegant but it is by far my favorite.  It is fake, but David and i bought it our first or second Christmas so it holds sentimental value.  It is decorated with a host of different ornaments (no theme or anything) but i love it.  it makes me peaceful and happy to see it all lit up in the living room.  Love it!!!!  Busy weekend ahead, David and i are both in the Waskom tournment and we have our first district game next Friday! will try to post pics this week.  hope all is well....Remember the reason for the season!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick Babies

Just when you think you've got things figured out, a new plan comes along.  God always seems to put me back in check when i've got life PLANNED.  He sometimes steps in and reminds me who's really in charge.  Monday afternoon, Bryson's school called becasue he started throwing up.  When i got him, he was running fever.  Monday night, Rielyn had fever.  Long story short, they stayed with Pappy for two days (Tuesday David and I both had bball games so we couldn't miss school).  Bryson's fever went away but we just couldn't shake Rileyn's.  Hers was high too, in the 103 - 104 range.  So yesterday I took her to the doctor and she has strep.  Amoxicillian for 10 days should do the trick.  Again, thanks to Pappy she stayed home today as well.  The bad part is that she had her Thanksgiving program and feast today at school.  She was very upset about not being able to say her part.  She does however, have the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD.  She put together all the little arts and crafts the kids did this week and sent it home for Rielyn to complete as well....AND she had the kids sing the program into an MP3 player and recorded it and then sent the MP3 player home to us as well, so that Rielyn could at least hear the program.  Rileyn was so excited listening to all of her classmates singing, she sang along of course!  it was super cute and sweet!  She seemed to be feeling much better this morning, so we are excited about that. 
The kids got their report cards yesterday, all good grades.  Keldyn brought ALL of his grades up at least 4 points and the overall lowest grade was a 94!  on Rielyn's her teacher comment was: "she loves sharing and joining in on discussion"  is this a nice way of her telling me that she talks too much????? i believe so!  Have a great weekend....i'm sleeping in tomorrow!!!! (then going to watch one of my former players play some college hoops!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

busy weekend

We have had a super busy weekend!  Surprise! Surprise!  Friday, we were supposed to play basketball in Queen City BUT our volleyball team advanced to the regional tournament for the first time in history, so we cancelled that so we could go watch (all the bball girls went together).  They won, advancing them to the regional finals (winner goes to state) for Saturday.  We got home around 9:30.  David had left earlier that day for Round Rock with his Cross country team (boys team and one girl).  So, Saturday morning we loaded up with Coach Newsom and Coach Sobey and headed for Round Rock.  We went to and back from Round rock in one day.  I drove the bus back for David and Coach Newsom and Coach Sobey drove my 3 kids back so that they could watch movies (the movie player ended up not working, so that didn't work out)  Yesterday we had church, then had to move our roof metal inside the garage so that it didn't rust; then I went with Marla to Tiff's church for a ladies dinner and devo and David and the kids went to our church for church and then a thanksgiving feast!  Tired yet???  it is a crazy life but it's our life!  This week is jsut as crazy; monday practice and middle school games, tuesday our own games (David in McLeod and me in Sabine) wednesday church, thursday practice afterschool, friday games (david at home, me at Gilmer) Saturday david's game in avinger and one of my former Bowie girls who is playing college ball is playing in Longview so we are going to that!  Bryson is sick still, he started throwing up today.  To say that I am ready for Thanksgiving break would be an understatement.  So blessed to have a husband and family that helps out and helps us keep our sanity!  have a great week

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Things Kids Say

He was a dead baseball player

Toilet paper mummy (lasted 5 mins)

A kitty cat (the cutest one in the world!)

At home ready to go again, Bryson had to change into an NBA bball player

LOVE the fall colors showing through from across the lake!  This was early Saturday morning!  LOVE THIS!

Before trunk or treat
I wish I had a recorder around me (most of the time) becasue my kiddos say some of the funniest stuff. A few weeks ago, I was singing to my kids songs that i used to sing to them when they were little.  On a side note, i am NOT a good singer, can't carry a tune.  So about half-way through Bryson says "Did you sound good then?"  to which i replied No, but you liked it bc i was your mom!  Rielyn asked me what i was going to be for Halloween and i said a nerd, and she said "You mean like you already are?"  OkOk i get it, i can't sing and i'm a nerd.  No arguments from me!!!  Halloween was good, we went to trunk or treating at the church and the total cost of costumes was $4....$3 on face paint and $1 on toilet paper (for the toilet paper mummy)  pretty neat that my kids are so creative with their costumes.  School is going good, just can't seem to get caught up.  Basketball has our first official game tomorrow and David's boy's XC team is going to state and 1 girl.  Bryson and Keldyn are under the weather right now (Bryson has had one of his seasonal asthma attacks and Keldyn ran a slight fever)  Rielyn is as sassy as ever.  I had something really good to post, but its been too long and i forgot :)  here are a few pics of what we've been up to.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Keeping this updated is a lot of work....and it means i have to be creative and clever....those are chores for me!!!:)  Things have been going great.  Basketball season started for me last Wednesday....super excited about this season....we should definitely surprise some people this year (this is a big deal seeing as how my first year here we only won 3 games, last year 14 and this year we'd like to be 20+)  David's cross country teams have both advanced to the regional meet.  His boys actually got 1st in district and the girls 3rd...he's very excited about how well they've been doing.  His boys team is ranked #2 in 2A in the state.  The kids are doing great.  Bryson has decided he wants to let his hair grow out  (he actually said so he can flip Justin Bieber or Beaver as Rielyn says it)....Keldyn's reading grades have improved tremendously...he is really working hard at getting those up (not sure if i posted before or not but he is slightly dyslexic, so we are all learning strategies and tools to help him have success)  Rielyn is as sassy as ever.  A middle school girl was trying to say hi to her but she kept saying Riley....Rileyn stopped in her tracks and said "It's Rielyn, R-I-E-L-Y-N" and turned around and walked off....This was at 7:30 in the morning people!!! She got to be in the Yamboree parade(s) in Gilmer this past weekend.... i think she liked the idea of everyone waving at her:)  The boys and David are going to the Tech/ A&M game on Saturday, thanks to one very nice preacher!  I ran in the Tater Trot a few weeks ago and got 29th overall, with basketball starting though, my running days are going to be limited...we are practicing at 6am, which means up at 4:30 for me.  I really do enjoy running though, it is my stress release and i am still competitive at my age (i REALLY don't like losing) so i think it is healthy for me, besides the obvious.  I love the fall, the coots (water fowl) and the otters come back to the lack and just yesterday we saw an EAGLE trying to scoop up a coot!  it was amazing....we've seen them around but never that was right off out pier!  My girls group at school is doing fantastic...they named us COLGAT (changing one lovely girl ata time) and we have over 45 girls each week and are still growing.  It's pretty amazing what God can do once you open your self up to coming out of your comfort zones.   We are busy, busy but loving life!  God has truly blessed us! Have a great week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday!  I just want to take a minute to wish him a late happy birthday (via the web).  I've already talked to him and know that he had a great day!  Thanks Dad for always being supportive, for teaching us how to work and have integrity, how that if you say it you 'd better mean it, for teaching me to love sports and for helping mom make sure we knew how to be a lady, no matter what.  Thanks for being a super grandpa, for spoiling all the grandkids and for loving family unconditionally.  love you dad! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Keldyn's Birthday

enjoying some mickey mouse pancakes.  this was early saturday morning bc we were heading out to a cross country meet.  that is why they look sooo tired!

chillin at olive garden

enjoying some noodles with dad!

loving some noodles.  i think he ate the whole bowl like that.  we did have to have the conversation that this was not the type of restaurant where blowing your straw paper across the room was appropriate!  McDonalds is more suited for that.  and by the way, Rileyn is REALLY good at doing that!

Full from some noodles! he's totally hamming it up

his own MM panckake!
I know it's been three weeks since Keldyn's birthday, but i just haven't had time to post any of the pics.  we did have a really great time!  he enjoyed his dinner at olive garden and some great gifts (thanks to all) i can't believe how fast he is growing up!  the past few weeks have been crazy busy and its only going to get more busy.  We start basketball next week (YEAH!) but i still have middle school volleyball going on, we have volleyball playing still and going to make playoffs, Cross Country will more than likely go to state and football is still playing, so that means my practice times are 5:30 AM!!!! love it though, this should be a great season for my girls!  Bryson has grown an inch in one wonder all of his pants are high waters!!! Keldyn is struggling with reading but we did find out he is slightly dislexic so we have some tools we are working on at home to help with this.  Rielyn is just sassy!  have a good week, i'll try to do better posting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Reality TV

I know, I know, it's been a while and no I haven't forgotten about Keldyn's birthday pictures.  It has just been one of those weeks.  I will try to post those this weekend.  This post however I made time for.  I have decided not to watch TLC anymore. This is one of my favorite channels bc of shows like what not to wear, say yes to the dress, 19 kids and counting, etc, etc.  However, when TLC recently decided to put on Sister Wives, I have decided this is a channel I can no longer support.  We have made a clean sweep of our TV viewing and any channel that has non-Christian shows on it we are not watching it. Now I'm not saying we are sitting around watching TBN all day, but it was amazing how one day of cleaning to some great Christian music instead of being consumed with television will open your eyes as to what you do and do not need.   No wonder people in this day and age are so messed up.  Reality TV (real housewives of whatever county they live in, jersey shore, the real world, etc) are all a joke.  And our nations kids are obsessed with teen reality tv and it is quite bothersome.  so, to end my soapbox, people are more consumed with watching someone else's "reality" tv than going out and living their own fabulous lives and I personally am tired of it.  And at the Schubert house, we've made a change.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keldyn's Birthday!

Keldyn is turning 8 on Saturday.  I am going to take this time to be like most moms and talk about him a little ....just because I can.  Keldyn was not our original name, we had several picked out but really liked Caden, so forever it was Caden Reece.  Well, if you follow Stacy's blog, you know that her 2nd boy, who just celebrated a birthday is named Caden as well.  We didn't want there to be too many Caden's running around so we played with some more names.  David liked the name Kelvin, but i did not. So like what we've done with all of our kiddos names is we played with the ending and wholah! Keldyn it is! And it fits him to a tee!  Keldyn was our flood baby.  The summer before he was born, David and I both worked the Camp Bandina Church Camp. This was July so i was 6-7 months prego.  Well, it started raining, and it rained and rained and rained and it didn't stop. The river that you cross to get to camp rose 50 feet.  Trialer houses floated down the river and you could hear it roaring past the camp site from the top of the hill.  I was scared and more than ready to get out of there (plus i had a 1.5 yr old at my parents, not with me so that made it worse).  Well, we ended up walking two miles through pastures and woods to catch school buses that took all of us campers to a local church. Except someone felt bad for me and they let us crash at their house, loaned us thier car the next day to go pick up Bryson and then offered to let us stay there again.  We were blessed!  Once school started, i had been re-assigned to junior high volleyball and it was nothing for me to be out there playing with the girls diving around digging up volleyballs (that may be why Keldyn is daring.) Also i went skiing for the first time ever in my life while prego with him.  The boy is fearless! He climbs any and everything he can get a small grasp on.  He's not big but boy is he tough!!A little scary bc i think one day he's really going to get hurt and not know it!  He is FUNNY! and smart and very fast! He's shy at times but warms up rather quickly. He is 100% boy, he likes animals and dirt and video games and superheroes and all that boy stuff; but he also loves his brother and his sister to the ends of the earth.  HE wouldn't tell you that but he does.  Every night before bed he jumps on Bryson and tells him goodnight.  If Rielyn is in danger of being hurt, he's the first one there to save her.  He is really good with babies and is going to make an awesome dad one day!  Oh, and for his birthday, we asked him what he wanted to do.  His response, go to the Olive Garden with the family.  Not a party, not ChuckECheese ,but Olive Garden.  I asked him if he was turning 30:???   Keldyn, i love you and hope you have a fantastic 8th birthday!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ok, so I ran a 5.2 mile race this past saturday...all i know is that a lady with a jogging stroller beat me and i did not like it one bit.  I ran ok, got 3rd in my age group and 25th overall, however, I DO NOT LIKE LOSING!  I am determined to get faster.  I am going to workout with my atheltic girls for a while and see if that doesn't help.  I may smell like a goat for the remainder of the day, but i am determined to win one sometime! 
We had a good weekend.  David had a fishing tournament and we camped out at Mom and Dad's. They spoiled us rotten, like always!:) It's good to get away to the country sometimes.  Thanks mom and dad!
Have a great week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny story & pics

We have two new visitors at our house lately.  Not the wood ducks who come in the winter but whistling tree ducks.  their markings are so distinct and beautiful.  they are not skittish either, they don't bother us but they don't mind us being around either!  Here are the more finished pics of the kitchen.  i still have to tile the back splash and i do plan on painting but for now it will do.  i like how it turned out!
The Texas Flag is a project Bryson worked on.  He came home saying for GT they are making a Texas History Museum and they needed a flag.  He came up with on his own to make it out of old jeans and t-shirts.  He designed it and cut it all i did was sewed it for him.  He is so creative it blows me away.  Our 7th grade Texas history teacher said she was stealing his idea :)
And here's the turtle....the story goes like this, David found it in the driveway and decided to let the kids keep it.  so that afternoon, i headed to the store to get a container, the big clear bucket.  That evening the kids were outside playing and Rielyn was packing that turtle (and cage) all over the yard. we went on a boat ride and Rielyn put the turtle and cage back in the house.  when we got back, an hour later, there was no turtle in the cage.  all of the adults started saying  How did he get out of that bucket, there's no way he got out of that.  after a few minutes rielyn said how did he climb over that man?  She had put the turtle in the lego truck that Keldyn had made for him!  great, so now there's a turtle on the my house!!! i start looking in cabinets, under cabinets, everywhere!  and pappy says you'll smell him pretty soon! oh great.  Then David says - well here he is.  that little turtle had made it across the living room and into the purple room!!!OMG! it was too funny.  the last pic is of my fishing boys and of our new hummingbird feeder that has had several occupants since we put it up.  It is amazing to watch those little birds fly around!  have  a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day of school & kitchen

just wanted to post pics from the kids first day of school, the boys were not too excited about me taking their picture..i believe their exact words were "Mom, really, you do this every year? it's not our first day!"  also, i have some of the kitchen progress.  i have more pics and a funny story about a turtle but those pics are at home on my you'll just have to wait! (who else busted out into the 80's song, oh you can't hurry love, no you'll just have to wait....maybe just me!HE HE)

the new kitchen counter tops also included, new stove top, new microwave and new sink.  i moved a picture that Sarah gave me for Christmas to over the sink and bought dark brown wicker baskets for snack foods and such.  i am now thinking i need to paint it tan.  i also moved the blue curtains out and put in the brown ones.  a lot of readjusting but i really like it!! hope you have a great week! love to all!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Lunchbox Saga (s)

This has been the week of the lunchbox!!!  On Monday, Rileyn forgot her lunch box at school.  She thought she had left it in the gym and just didn't grab it on her way out the door.  So, Tuesday morning we check, no lunchbox.  She was a little upset bc this was hers and it has a sandwich plastic holder thingy and also bc she had to carry a star wars one bc that's all we had.  On top of thought, i am making bryson's lunch on Tuesday morning and i notice the silverware isn't some that we have.  i think, oh he probably just traded someone for it...he does that alot....but then his sandwich plastic holder thingy wasn't in there nor was his Gatorade bottle...turns out he'd grabbed the wrong one.  we did not retrieve it until yesterday...a sixth grade girl had grabbed his on accident (all parts of the lunchbox were returned)  we are trying to be a little greener with our lunches...plastic sandwich holder thing that is re-usable and washable; gladware storage for chips and snacks, etc, etc.  trying to not use so much disposable plastic.  Now, though we have another saga.  Keldyn and rielyn come home with notices from the cafeteria saying they owe money!  I SEND THEIR LUNCH EVERYDAY!  I email the principal and I'm thinking someone is using their number on accident.  David thinks it is breakfast.  I've asked them both...did you eat in the the tray line...and both have said no.  so now we ask about breakfast.  we'll see what happens. 
I don't think that i have ever been so tired seems like i go, go go and have no time, to even do the things i need to grade papers. this is going to be a long year. pray for me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New kitchen!

David and I ordered new kitchen countertops at the first part of summer.  We finally got them in about a week ago and got them installed this weekend, well coutertops also meant new stove top, new microwave and new sink.  It doesn't even look like the same kitchen.  It also meant that i was not able to work on my English class work bc i was cleaning up messes from installation of multiple items.  Will post pics later of the finished project.  So glad David is so handy and can do all those things by himself!

The first week of school went well.  all of the kids have great teachers and i don't think that i've ever been so tired.  not sure why, but am! 
have a great week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

women of the Bible

ok - so i absolutely adore the Proverbs 31 lady, she is my role model, if i can be half of what she is then i feel i will be accomplished...I did a study this summer with some amazing women (Sue, Rhonda, Becca & Aimee...who's Christian walks and knowledge i truly admire) over Ruth and Naomi, and learned so much about what perseverance and faith...well, Sunday in Sunday school i happened across Titus...i can honestly say that i have never read one verse from Titus, however it intrigued describes the qualities of a good church and within that description were how the women should be and how the men should be....well, the women part struck a cord with me bc some of those things it says not to do...i do.  so, if you are needing a good example for what a christian woman should be, look up Titus and tell me what you think...i may be totally off.

Monday, August 23, 2010

this summer rielyn decided she needed to tube by herself, so this is her by didn't last long, she did great though
Keldyn & RielynPeyton stayed one night with us while he was staying with mom and dad bc they were doing hay, he did great and Bryson is sooo good with himDavid and Keldyn went fishing one night and i caught this picture, thought it was too cute, how it shadowed them boththese are my new counter tops that will be put in this weekendi got glasses this summer for driving and reading far away, not to wear all the time, not to sure if i like them or not.nana and pops came to visit and this was after the boat ride

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

up to date

i know, i know, it has been a while...we are the 1% of Americans who do not have internet at home (bc we are cheap and get it 9 months out of the year for free at school so...) summer is officially over, we started back to two-a-days yesterday; it went by waaay to fast.  Rileyn is very ready for school, the boys not so much.  David and i got a lot accomplished this summer, and are still working on some things.  Keldyn's room is 90% complete, a little touch up paint and some trim and he's good to go. Bryson wants to paint his room Aggie colors (totally ok with that and so was David - surprisingly) so we will do that one weekend.  I got most of the deck painted....just have the underneath to finishe up but i ran out of deck stain...the game room is complete...furninshed with ping pong, pool and air hockey!  we love it and have had some good matches/games!  the dining room is getting new flooring so we will work on that this weekend.  We got the kids a basketball goal, they play everyday (as if that surprises you!)  I finished a Bible Study with 2 of the sisters, mom and long time friend was good and eye opening, ready for the next one.  David's grandparents from Austin came up for a visit, it was good to see them.  The big thing from the past few weeks, Rileyn in 5!  she is so funny, she tells everyone, yes even random strangers "I'm not 4 anymore!"  5 is a big deal!  A little background on her (this won't happen every year i promise) She is my hurricane baby!  We were living in Rockport but two hurricanes were headed our way (or so they thought) they wanted to induce me on a wednesday and i told them i was leaving bc of the huuricanes so they said come on in on sunday...we went she came and we were gone by early Tuesday!  Two weeks later, i was coaching two a days at Ingleside (3A) i was very nervous, but after having two babies, it wasn't that hard to leave her (does that sound bad) i knew she was in good hands with David and Marla!  she is sassy and outgoing and super smart....she loves animals (says she wants to be a vet) and has told me when she gets big she wants to be a mom! that makes my heart happy! she loves her daddy (more than me) and i love that...totally believe girls need good realationships with their daddies!  and the boys are long as she has been talking those are HER boys! she is girly and loves barbies and dress up and wants to be a cheerleader- is she really my kid??? i am posting some pics of things from the summer...hope this gets everyone up to date!  i will try to post more often (Becca!) and put more pics on!  hope you are all blessed and having a great rest of the summer! (top pic mickey mouse pancakes for rielyn's birthday, rielyn's cake (sleeping beauty) David and the kids watching a movie and last rileyn in her shirt i bought her that reads "Does this shirt make my game look big?"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keldyn went to Oklahoma with Lala and Pappy for his vacation with them!  he had a blast....they went to an old west gun fight/show and to a safari!  he came home bearing lots of gifts for the family and lots of stories!  thanks lala and pappy!

lets see if this works

i have been trying to post pics for quite some time now but for some reason it won't let here we go...yeah it worked....the first picture is one of bryson's drawings..i told yall he could draw...crazy..then the three of the kids is on sunday july 4th. marla had bought them coordinating outfits and they looked so cute...the boys get tired of me taking pics of them, but someone seems to like it...maybe a little too much. the top one is my cousins wedding that we went to in hotsprings! my kids swimming at the hotel and rileyn in her swim gear...on that trip she learned how to dive to the bottom of a pool for diving toys...she was so pumped!