Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick Babies

Just when you think you've got things figured out, a new plan comes along.  God always seems to put me back in check when i've got life PLANNED.  He sometimes steps in and reminds me who's really in charge.  Monday afternoon, Bryson's school called becasue he started throwing up.  When i got him, he was running fever.  Monday night, Rielyn had fever.  Long story short, they stayed with Pappy for two days (Tuesday David and I both had bball games so we couldn't miss school).  Bryson's fever went away but we just couldn't shake Rileyn's.  Hers was high too, in the 103 - 104 range.  So yesterday I took her to the doctor and she has strep.  Amoxicillian for 10 days should do the trick.  Again, thanks to Pappy she stayed home today as well.  The bad part is that she had her Thanksgiving program and feast today at school.  She was very upset about not being able to say her part.  She does however, have the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD.  She put together all the little arts and crafts the kids did this week and sent it home for Rielyn to complete as well....AND she had the kids sing the program into an MP3 player and recorded it and then sent the MP3 player home to us as well, so that Rielyn could at least hear the program.  Rileyn was so excited listening to all of her classmates singing, she sang along of course!  it was super cute and sweet!  She seemed to be feeling much better this morning, so we are excited about that. 
The kids got their report cards yesterday, all good grades.  Keldyn brought ALL of his grades up at least 4 points and the overall lowest grade was a 94!  on Rielyn's her teacher comment was: "she loves sharing and joining in on discussion"  is this a nice way of her telling me that she talks too much????? i believe so!  Have a great weekend....i'm sleeping in tomorrow!!!! (then going to watch one of my former players play some college hoops!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

busy weekend

We have had a super busy weekend!  Surprise! Surprise!  Friday, we were supposed to play basketball in Queen City BUT our volleyball team advanced to the regional tournament for the first time in history, so we cancelled that so we could go watch (all the bball girls went together).  They won, advancing them to the regional finals (winner goes to state) for Saturday.  We got home around 9:30.  David had left earlier that day for Round Rock with his Cross country team (boys team and one girl).  So, Saturday morning we loaded up with Coach Newsom and Coach Sobey and headed for Round Rock.  We went to and back from Round rock in one day.  I drove the bus back for David and Coach Newsom and Coach Sobey drove my 3 kids back so that they could watch movies (the movie player ended up not working, so that didn't work out)  Yesterday we had church, then had to move our roof metal inside the garage so that it didn't rust; then I went with Marla to Tiff's church for a ladies dinner and devo and David and the kids went to our church for church and then a thanksgiving feast!  Tired yet???  it is a crazy life but it's our life!  This week is jsut as crazy; monday practice and middle school games, tuesday our own games (David in McLeod and me in Sabine) wednesday church, thursday practice afterschool, friday games (david at home, me at Gilmer) Saturday david's game in avinger and one of my former Bowie girls who is playing college ball is playing in Longview so we are going to that!  Bryson is sick still, he started throwing up today.  To say that I am ready for Thanksgiving break would be an understatement.  So blessed to have a husband and family that helps out and helps us keep our sanity!  have a great week

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Things Kids Say

He was a dead baseball player

Toilet paper mummy (lasted 5 mins)

A kitty cat (the cutest one in the world!)

At home ready to go again, Bryson had to change into an NBA bball player

LOVE the fall colors showing through from across the lake!  This was early Saturday morning!  LOVE THIS!

Before trunk or treat
I wish I had a recorder around me (most of the time) becasue my kiddos say some of the funniest stuff. A few weeks ago, I was singing to my kids songs that i used to sing to them when they were little.  On a side note, i am NOT a good singer, can't carry a tune.  So about half-way through Bryson says "Did you sound good then?"  to which i replied No, but you liked it bc i was your mom!  Rielyn asked me what i was going to be for Halloween and i said a nerd, and she said "You mean like you already are?"  OkOk i get it, i can't sing and i'm a nerd.  No arguments from me!!!  Halloween was good, we went to trunk or treating at the church and the total cost of costumes was $4....$3 on face paint and $1 on toilet paper (for the toilet paper mummy)  pretty neat that my kids are so creative with their costumes.  School is going good, just can't seem to get caught up.  Basketball has our first official game tomorrow and David's boy's XC team is going to state and 1 girl.  Bryson and Keldyn are under the weather right now (Bryson has had one of his seasonal asthma attacks and Keldyn ran a slight fever)  Rielyn is as sassy as ever.  I had something really good to post, but its been too long and i forgot :)  here are a few pics of what we've been up to.