Friday, July 22, 2011

Update #1

We were at a little league baseball game and it got chilly - she decided to where my jacket as a suit...mainly for the pants....she looked so silly running around like that but she totally did not care!  This girl cracks me up!

The boys had a good season, I think their team got 2nd or 3rd in the division.  What's wierd is that they already know that if you don't make all stars then that means you aren't that we had to deal with explaining that....they did not make all stars by the way :)

He's getting too big too fast

Sarah, Charlie, Tiffany and myslef ran in the Longview Alley Fest 5k.  I think we all had fun.  It seemed hotter this year than last.  I got 2nd in my age group....yes the old ladies division....but still had fun.  Running like this keeps me basketball leagues for old ladies so this will have to do!

The boys had a friend from church spend the night for 3 days - we all had a blast.  He fit right in with us, he's smart and funny and respectful....many more good times to come.  This was before they went to see Thor....the girls sat out of this one.

Instead, we did this....sat on the back porch with a strawberry smoothie...homemade....and just hung out. 

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  1. or you don't know the right people (for All - Stars). Kids look great!