Friday, May 28, 2010

I have snobby hair!

My hair is a total snob! My chi hair straightener blew up mother's day weekend. I had a back old school, like 3 inches wide straightener that i was wasn't working to great! It wouldn't get hot enough, it wouldn't straighten all the way and it took FOREVER (sandlot...hehe) so I bought a "cheap" one from wal-mart AND it didn't work either...what normally takes me 10-15 minutes took an was i broke down and bought the real thing again! It works beautifully! my hair is completely spoiled to a chi! now the only problem is seeing if Target does competitive pricing bc JCPenny has theirs on sale for about $20 cheaper TODAY!

Just want to brag on my hubby a little...not only is he a great dad and husband, he's a great brother...he helped James (Tiff's husband) find a job, he's gone to Dallas to help Bryce & Stephanie finish a porch with Pappy and he's going to Keith's in a couple of weeks to help him frame in a barn. he helps without expecting in return...what a great example for my babies! (a little sappy, but i get that way sometimes)

Mentioned that Bryson got commended on his TAKS, found out yesterday the exact scores...100 on reading and only missed one on math...i am so proud of more tears about TAKS - EVER!

Have a great holiday weekend. I'll be hanging out by the lake!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Been up since 3:00

So, today, I woke up at 3:00am, laid in bed until 3:30 and decided to get up. I could not sleep...I did however get a ton of English papers graded. Amazing what can get accomplished when there's nothing on tv and no one else is awake. We went to a wedding this past weekend and stayed with our good friends The Armers! Saw some old friends. It was so cute, when the groosmen came out Rileyn leaned over and asked me "Which one is she going to pick?" I guess we've watched the bachelor toooo much! Totally cute though! Found out today that Bryson made commmended on both of his TAKS tests! We are all super pumped! Keldyn gets to go to an ice cream sundae party tomorrow for AR points. My athletic girls are finishing up their last week of bootcamp and I'm working on some surprises for them for next week. Pappy bought a pontoon (sp?) boat, we went out on it yesterday and then went for a swim in the middle of the lake! We got back and grilled steaks and watched the was beautiful....God is so good!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I promised Pictures

i know, i know i promised these a long time ago but the blogger wouldn't cooperate. so, here are some pictures. the top three are family photos we took mother's day weekend. Keep in mind Keldyn was sick and was not feeling well. I love Rileyn's sassy pose on the pier - totally her! Then there are pics of Keldyn's kite flying. We had a picnic lunch and then he had a blast flying his Eagle kite. I told you guys he had the highest one there :). The last pic is of the girly basket i won for being the first mom to finish the race at the Run Like a Mother. Totally me right??? it was fun, the ladies that put it all together did an amazing job! look forward to next year! I am so thankful that God is on my side; that he is my rock and that i can go to him with anything....and i do mean anything.
The family is traveling to Wortham this weekend for the wedding of one of our ex-athletes. Don't these kids know they aren't supposed to get older...bc that means we are too! have a great weekend. ENjoy the weather (I know we have been!)ok i just looked at how the pics are laid out and the order is not what i thought, but i'm not retyping all that!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Crazy Life!

Friday, I took a half day off from work bc Keldyn had a kite flying/picnic at school for mother's day. We had a blast. He found an Eagle kite at the Dollar Store and was super pumped. I was worried at first bc the Eagle did not want to fly. As we went along though, that little Eagle ended up being the highest kite there. It was so much fun, Keldyn has one of those contagious laughs, so I was laughing just at him laughing. We left about 12:30 to go be with all the cousins. David and I grilled chicken for dinner that night.
Saturday, the girls (Tiff, Steph, Marla, Meredith and myself) left the house at 6:45 am to participate in the Run Like a Mother 2K run...we had a blast.Then we went to Starbucks for some caffeine and did a little shopping. Got home made lunch for the kids and Keldyn got sick. He apparently got a bug from somewhere and it hit him pretty hard. He's one tough dude. He threw up about 8 times within about 5-6 hours. Good thing for him though is that he slept all in between. He was feeling well enough to take family pictures...quite a trooper. We had brisket for dinner at Mark and Marla's and then we all played outside. I started a fire in the pit so as dusk came, we made our way around that. That is my favorite part of living on the lake....sitting around a fire watching the water and the sunset.
Sunday, Keldyn was feeling well enough for church so that was good. After church we had chicken spaghetti that Tiff made and then we took naps. Sunday night after church, however, i got the bug. It was horrible. Severe stomach cramps, lots of throw up and other things....i just kept praying for God to give me all of it if it kept the rest of the family from getting it. If Keldyn felt like i did, he's way tougher than me.
Monday I had to go to work bc i had organized fitness gram testing for the entire high school and needed to be there to organize some last minute details. Still didn't feel good, but suffered through. Monday night, the kids were awesome. They each made their own dinners bc i didn't want to touch anything they would just in case. Then they watched a movie while i slept and pretty much showered and put themselves to bed. Rielyn was super sweet....she said "mom, i hope you feel better soon bc i want to hug and love you." I wasn't letting them touch me to keep germs away. David and I leave for Austin on Thursday for the State Track Meet. David's birthday is Friday and Joshua having his party on Saturday. Busy times. I am reading Fresh Brewed Life and it is really good. (Well, i haven't read it in two days but you know why) I got an amazing gift from a former athlete, she wrote a book about my influence on her life. Her mom mailed it to me and it was very difficult not to cry throughout the entire thing. Just reminds me of why I love doing what I do, it matters to someone. I'll post pics soon of the kite flying and family photos.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Over my Pitty-Party!

I've re-read my post from the other day and boy oh boy was I wordy of what??? Things are still hectic, but small blessings make me smile and almost cry from happiness. I asked our ladies class leader if we've ever done Beth Moore and she said yes, but that they hadn't in a while but would be interested in looking into it again...wasn't sure if c of c did other denominations as studies or not; so that's a good thing. The kids are pumped about the Schubert's coming in bc they love playing with them sooo much. Keldyn and I bought our kite for tomorrow...Dollar General had an Eagle - must be fate!!! Got things lined out for state track meet next week and we'll be attending a wedding in a couple of weeks of one of our past vball girls from Ingleside are graduating college this weekend and the ones to doesn't seem like that long ago...anyway, hope things are great for you all...going good here (plus I'm feeling better so that helps)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I wonder why I feel bad and am tired????

The past few days have been pretty hectic/crazy. Friday, New Diana hosted a softball playoff game between McLeod and Fruitvale. This included me racing to Longview after school to pick up the trophy and then racing back to keep the gate at the game. Rielyn was able to spend the night with the Plasterer's and had a blast (they lovingly call her little David bc she TALKS NONSTOP) Saturday morning, I got up, and before leaving by noon, had gone for a run, made breakfast, swept and mopped the entire house, washed two loads of laundry and dusted! Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. At noon, we went to the second playoff game and it was HHHHOOOTTT! But thankfully, the forecast had called for lots of rain! After the game, we went to pick Rielyn up and then headed to Wal-Mart for a few groceries. David's dad had gone to pick up his grandmother Nannie who is staying with them for a few weeks. On a serious note, we had a student killed in a car accident Saturday afternoon. He was headed to his first preaching event with his family and the car flipped. He ran track and cc for David. Funeral is today so please keep this family in your prayers.
Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with Mark, Marla, Nannie, Tiff & James and their kiddos. It was delicious!! Then I went home, took a 2 hour nap (thanks to Bryson, he was supposed to wake me up after 30 didn't happen) we went to church that evening, had our monthly eating meeting and came home & went to bed.
Monday and Tuesday were spent at the Regional Track Meet. We have one student, Robin Beckham, going to state in the two mile. David and I will be traveling with her to Austin next week!
Thursday, all of the Schubert families are coming in for Mother's Day; Friday Keldyn's grade is having a mother's day picnic and kite flying, so he and I are coming to school for 1/2 a day and then heading back to lone star to be with the rest of the Schubert Family. I can't think of anything funny that my kids have said or done lately....I think bc I've been half asleep most of the time or too tired to remember.....I am reading a book that is again opening my eyes to some self issues. I jokingly told Tiff that on the outside I look like I've got it all together but on the inside, I'm really just a hot I have lots of stuff I'm sorting through...prayers would be greatly appreciated! love to you all...hope you have a great rest of the week!