Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keldyn went to Oklahoma with Lala and Pappy for his vacation with them!  he had a blast....they went to an old west gun fight/show and to a safari!  he came home bearing lots of gifts for the family and lots of stories!  thanks lala and pappy!

lets see if this works

i have been trying to post pics for quite some time now but for some reason it won't let here we go...yeah it worked....the first picture is one of bryson's drawings..i told yall he could draw...crazy..then the three of the kids is on sunday july 4th. marla had bought them coordinating outfits and they looked so cute...the boys get tired of me taking pics of them, but someone seems to like it...maybe a little too much. the top one is my cousins wedding that we went to in hotsprings! my kids swimming at the hotel and rileyn in her swim gear...on that trip she learned how to dive to the bottom of a pool for diving toys...she was so pumped!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i haven't finished my patio bc it won't stop the rain, just wish it would stop long enough for me to finish that so i can get my furniture back where it goes. we are half way finished with the remodeling of our downstairs and the making of a game room. i found some pics of the family from WAY back when, love these of mom and dad! had a blast at hannah's wedding in hotsprings, it is so beautiful there! plus, most of the cousins were there so it was neat seeing them all play together (Becca and sean had previous engagements so weren't able to go)...ok was going to post pics but it won't let me for some reason! i'll try later!