Saturday, September 1, 2012

     This week, we finished our first week at a new school...again.  Hopefully...this is the last time.  I know I have probably confused some people or let them down (especially my family) about the fact that I decided to get back into coaching.  The reason I got out was to be with my kids more - however, this past year didn't quite play out like I thought.  I taught high school English at a 2A, had 120 students and 3 preps.  EVERY Sunday was spent grading essays or preparing lesson plans.  Not coaching was taking up just as much time as when I did coach.  Another factor in my decision was the fact that I did not get to have the same kind of connections with students like I did when I was coaching.  I believe we all have gifts/talents and I definitely feel mine is having those connections to hopefully inspire or change young girls in a positive way.  I'm not saying that every athlete I ever had liked me or looked up to me, but I know this - coaching and teaching - is what I am supposed to be doing.  I get to see my own kiddos at random times during the day which I love!  They are so excited about being coach's kids again (however I must admit that James Bowie spoiled us by giving them pretty much whatever they wanted from the concession stand during bball season so now they are expecting that again :O)  As parents, David and I did not anticipate how much it would affect our kids not being coach's kids.  We didn't think about the fact that having that title was all they had ever known.  They were used to having instant friends and having people know who you are.  So last year was an adjustment for them - not sure if it was a positive one.
     We have moved to a small 1A Division 2 (which is like the smallest of the small) and so far...we love it.  The only sports they have are cross country, BASKETBALL, tennis, golf and track.  For a family of basketball junkies it is perfect.  I have 12 girls in junior high athletics and 12 girls in high school athletics. B has 11 kids in his grade (not class but GRADE), K has 8 or 9 and R has 11.  They are getting great one on one attention and have already brought home some challenging homework assignments.  I am teaching 7th and 8th grade reading and writing.  The 7th grade has 7 students and the 8th grade has 9.  It has been great!
     David is super busy selling insurance!  He is on the road a lot, which is good because it means he is meeting new people which he loves doing.  They doubled the size of their office this summer so they are growing the business which is great.  I, under the persuasion of the above named insurance seller, got my  insurance license as well.  I have no interest in selling - EVER - but thought it was a good idea so that I could help (in the summer) if need be.  I hope the need never be :)
     A lot happened at the end of the year and this summer.  1. B competed in a group called Destination Imagination.  We weren't sure what it was, went to a competition in Dallas, place 2 and advanced to the state level in Corpus Christi.  Well...we won there and advanced to the Global level in Tennessee.  It was wild!  They competed against kids from 17 different countries and like 150,000 students.  THEY PLACED THIRD OVERALL.  It was so cool and such a great experience for him.  With that being said, I am also the GT teacher at Avinger and will begin the Destination Imagination adventure with those kids - so excited!
     The kids all did great in school - all A's, all six weeks! So proud of them!  We traveled to Branson, MO and loved it. It was so family and God and country oriented!  Definitely want to go back.
     We got a new niece this summer and are expecting another nephew in December (Stephanie had baby #6 and Keith and Mer are execting #2).
     I will try to update  more regularly (not as good as older sis #1, baby sis is like me and never posts and sister #2 just started a blog so we'll see how hers goes!)  Super excited about this year and everything God has in store for us.

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