Thursday, February 2, 2012

High Fives for English!

I am working with some students for extra help on their TAKS writing, I had a couple of boys who were being stubborn "I hate writing - this is boring!" etc, etc.  Then once we got into the activity, they had a change of heart....they were creating a story using hyphenated-modifiers (like...she gave me that oh-no-you-didn't look)  when they finished, they high fived each other.  I stopped them and said "You realize you just high-fived each other over English."  They could see what I was wanting them to get out of it.  THAT'S what makes it worth it - that look of when they get it!

This week - MY OLDEST TURNED 11.  OH MY - totally doesn't seem like it has been that long.  He swears though that he is not 11, he is going to stay 10.  He said turning 11 just means one year closer to having to move out :(  Either I've scared him into the day he turns 18 that I am going to kick them out OR he LOVES us and NEVER wants to leave.  I like the 2nd one better :)


  1. i would too - of course they LOVE us (aka 'mean ole mom and dad') and i don't know about you but i get a little sad at my kids' birthdays too for that very same reason

  2. I told my kids today I wish I had track lighting over the desks so each desk would have its own spotlight. That way when it clicks, I could shine the spotlight on them and have a heavenly chorus sing:)
    We would like for them to stay babies;) Not our calling though....