Friday, February 24, 2012

Good stuff :)

Well - today's a first!  I am staying home to grade papers.  :)  I got a small taste of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom and see the family off in the mornings.  I have to admit it was kind of nice.  Trying to figure out how my parents did it.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoy my job - most days; however - feeling a little overwhelmed. And of course today - my Bible study title is "Overwhelmed is Underprayed"  Great - it actually was just what I needed.  Not sure this is my calling - to be an English teacher - not that I'm not good at it or try to be the best at it or don't enjoy when my students achieve something they didn't think they could - but I just feel like there is something else - that what I see as my talents/gifts from God are not being used fully.  Deep inside, I want the job that doesn't start until 9 and ends by 3 so that I can get my kids to school and be there to pick them up :) If you know of that job - please let me know :)!
We recently watched the movie Courageous.  I've seen it twice now and both times I got something different from it.  The first time I saw it, I saw how huge not just a dad's role is in the family but how huge the family is. I see on a daily basis kiddos that come from broken homes, girls without dads, guys without dads and some without either and it breaks my heart.  It's like they have a huge hole missing inside them and they look for other things to fill it.  The second time I watched the movie, one key line has stuck with me "My good outweighs my bad"  This is so true - for me at least - not that I do anything "bad" per se but hoping that my good will outweigh my bad.  I find myself comparing myself to others.  Not in the sense of I'm better than her, etc., but more of wow, she does so much more than me, there's no way I'm getting into heaven, I don't do half of what she does.  Anyone else feel this way?  My resolve then is to read, and study and spend time in pray and make that conscious effort to be more Christ-like.  This is out of character for me. I am not flamboyant, or chatty or outgoing.  Very quiet, and reserved and keep to myself (unless you are a referee or a sister and then its a different story)  But if I want others to see Christ in me than he has to be in me and my life would and should be a mirror image of His. And I can know his from reading the word.  I saw a quote the other day (probably from a book - but can't remember which one) that its not how well we know God but how well he knows us.  How true is that.  I know I have seen people that could spit out scripture like it was nothing but were so far from God and it was confusing at the time.  But I soon realized, that just because you know the Bible/God does not mean that He knows you.
On a lighter note, I have lots of pictures to upload, but haven't figured out how to get them from my phone to the computer without syncing the whole thing.  Here's what's going on though:
Bryson is super active in school right now.  He just got added to the student council which is pretty cool.  He still loves to draw and READ!  He reads all the time. He is involved in GT and they have a huge competition coming up in Dallas called Destination Imagination - all I know is that they practice...A LOT!   He is also huge into bball if you can imagine!  Keeps saying he wants to be in the NBA - we do have a back up plan in mind though :)
Keldyn is still as active as ever.  He has developed a love for reading, which is good bc I didn't think he would ever like it.  He and Bryson have both been playing little dribblers and have enjoyed it.
Rileyn is definitely "my girl"  when asked if she wanted to play little dribblers she said no I want to hula hoop.  so that's what she does.  She loves clothes and fashion and playing games (go fish, war, old maid)  She is so animated when she reads - she literally yells when she sees and exclamation mark :)  She has the biggest heart for people!
David is loving his job.  His office just got selected business of the year and insurance agency of the year by the local paper - readers vote.  He is working very hard at learning the business and being the best at it.  He mentioned in passing that he wants all his customers to know he's there for them and that he thinks of each one of them as his grandparent sitting on the other side - and he treats them like that.  He definitely has a heart for people!
OK - a lot to take in - but hey - first time I've had a chance to write :)

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