Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Summer is quickly coming to an end and we have had lots of changes around here.  In May, after much thought and prayer, David and I decided insurance was not the route for us nor the one God wanted for us.  Don't get me wrong - he was GREAT at it and enjoyed helping people BUT he really felt God tugging at his heart to get back to coaching and mentoring kids.  So with all of that, the job search began.  We tried Avinger first because we KNEW we wanted to be at the same school.  That didn't work out- they didn't have openings and if they did David would have had to coach for free.  Two places popped into mind....Chapel Hill and New Diana.  On a whim, I sent resumes to both.  Within a week, both schools posted openings that fit us to a tee!  By God's timing and planning, Chapel Hill is where we will be next year.....again.....but this time as an entire family!  David is the head girls basketball & track coach as well as the girls coordinator and I am coaching freshmen vball, bball and track. I will be teaching English and he will have PE and athletics for the girls. WE ARE SO EXCITED!  The more David has gotten involved with the staff and kids, he truly has a peace about this is where we are supposed to be!  Our kids loved it the year we were there and I made some really good friends at the high school.  God's timing is perfect and his ways are better than mine!

A few other big news items....

This one got baptized....

This one got accepted into the GT program.....

And this one turned 8!!!

They are growing up WAY to fast but I am so thankful that I get to be their mama!  

One other big news item- David and I celebrate 15 years of marriage in a couple of weeks!  

Hope all is good with everyone - you'll be seeing more of me on here... :)  hope you join me!

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  1. Yea for all the news updates!! so excited for you guys and the new school year and that you will be writing more :)