Friday, March 23, 2012

Its worth it

From the title, you would think that this is going to be some deeply motivating blog - well, you might be wrong.  Deep in the sense of me asking myself "what am I going to do with this one?"  So here's the story - the other morning Rileyn was in the bathroom with me while I finished up getting ready for school.  She was attempting to fix her own hair.  Side ponytail.  She couldn't quite get all of the hair up.  I told her to lean to the side and it will make all the hair fall over.  She did for a little bit then stopped.  She got frustrated doing it her way.  Then she leaned over again and said "It hurts my side to do this, but it's worth it for cuteness."  She is 6 people.  What in the world.  If you know me well (which I'm guessing you do if you are reading this) then you know this is NOT how I am.  Plain.  Simple.  Very minimal makeup hair etc.  I like fashion.  Don't like shopping for fashion but I like outfits and such.  But this - COME ON!

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  1. yeah - tell me about it - emma and i have had 2 such moments within the last 2 weeks - one was when i was in the bathroom putting on the very little makeup i wear (just a powder - that's all) and she asked me why i wear makeup when God made me this way and He thinks I am already beautiful and that she thinks i should believe Him and not wear it - then just the other day regarding high heeled shoes!!! too much